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10 striking differences between Nigeria and Ghana [See Photos]

Ghana and Nigeria are two sides of the same coin, many similarities abound especially the lingua Franca being English. In this article, attempts will be made to scrutinize the outstanding differences existing among the two instead of the similarities.
The following are the Ten unique points which will inform the novice, enlighten the expert and perfect the stories of Nigeria Ghana relations.

1.The Security Entrance in Bank halls
Bank door
It is a matter of policy from the regulatory body of Nigeria banks to have secured entrance system that will prevent the quick, easy access or movement into bank halls. This initiative was introduced to curb armed robbery attacks in the Nigeria banks. Unlike banks operating in Ghana, the entrance into their bank halls are porous. For example a UBA Nigeria will have a secured entrance but the UBA Ghana will be casual of the door. There is definitely the presence of a policeman in every branch of any bank in both countries.
Nigeria has taken a reactive approach to security but Ghana is yet to be proactive in this measure. For me, Ghana should learn fast from Nigeria’s experience and not wait till woes befall them to implement stringent measures on the entrance.
Just of late and probably inspired from the terrorist attack on Kenya, UBA Ghana commenced scanning of customers with a handy scanner. Sometimes it is faulty and everyone enters without check. It was not there before but now it is.

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2. The Accompaniment used in eating Roasted Corn

The preparation of roasted corn in both countries is quite different. After a corn has been roasted in Ghana, it will be dipped into salty water and then given to a customer to chew, The accompaniment is usually coconut in Ghana.
Nigeria especially the eastern side will not dip into any salty water, and coconut is a secondary option. The land is blessed with a fruit called ‘Ube’ or pear in English. It comes out during the same season as corn which is raining season. It is also important to note that due to advancement in the agricultural sector in Ghana, corn or maize is not a seasonal crop anymore. Use of irrigation, corn is available year round. I wish Nigeria farmers can copy this and make corn available year round or perhaps continue the traditional practice so that corn will retain its value.
Corn and Pear

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