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10 Things The US Government are hiding from you


When it comes to governance, especially in the case of a democratic government, the voters get to choose trusted leaders to deal with all the affairs involved in running the country. This means that the population entrusts the country to a few people, who are supposed to be accountable to them, responsible in all their actions, innovative in problem solving and selfless when it comes to executing their duties in office. During the campaign period, the leaders in question always promise the voters heaven on earth, only for them to get to office and fall short on all their promises. This is the situation in all parts of the world, and it begs the question “what changes in an individual when he or she ascends to power?”


One thing that Americans hate is the fact that almost every government that comes to power engages in activities that the citizens would not approve of, which is the reason why the governments end up having so many secrets. Some of the secrets are necessary, especially if the whole country would sink into panic and anxiety if some of the information they have would get leaked to the ma$$es. However, most of the secrets that many governments hide from their people include crimes that the government has committed against its people, misuse of government resources for personal gain, violation of human rights, lies that the government tells its people, and many other embarra$$ing things.

Below are some things that the United States government does not want you to know, though many people have a feeling that these things are already happening. Here is the confirmation of what is really going on:

10. Your Internet Searches and Text Communication are Under Surveillance

Almost all Americans have heard rumours that the government is listening in on their private phone conversations, which is a violation of the people’s privacy. However, there is enough evidence that the government is also tracking your Internet activity as well as intercepting your text messages. This means that there is no such thing as privacy, but the government does not want you to know that. The people spying on the American citizens will try and justify their actions by terming their ‘tuning into your life’ as a security measure. So do their actions nullify the Fourth Amendment, or does the constitution only apply to some people and not to others?

9. The Government is Spying on Other Countries

Whistle-blowers, the likes of Edward Snowden and the Wikileaks, are a nightmare for the American government and many other people conducting secret operations hoping that the ma$$es will not find out. Wikileaks gains access to highly cla$$ified documents and makes them available for the public to view, something that the government is calling a security threat as well as a terrorist act. However, thanks to whistle-blowers, we now know that the government is not only listening in on Americans and their conversations but also spying on numerous other governments around the world. The leak of numerous documents and secret activities is making relationships between countries become a bit tense, a situation that no one would want.

8. The Government is Wasting Your Hard-Earned Cash

Not many people look forward to paying taxes because they feel as if the money the government is taking from them is not being spent in the best possible way. For example, consider the government spending $1 billion to get rid of the $16 billion worth of unnecessary military ammunition that it previously acquired, losing $4.2 billion to identity thieves who claimed tax refunds, and actually spending $80 million to try and develop the Ironman suit for the military. There are numerous other ridiculous ways that the government has come up with to waste people’s money, ways that it would not want you to know about.


7. The Citizens Are Not Really in Charge of the Country

The theory behind being a democracy sounds so sweet to the ears, and when it is applied properly it can cause a nation to thrive. However, despite the United States having the “best” democratic leadership in the world, you would be shocked to know that only 1% of the people control the government. Your vote is very important, but the government does not want you to know that the corporations and the extremely rich Americans are the ones who determine the course of the nation, the policies that will see the light of day, and the people you will vote for. The policies that the government will implement will always favour the corporations over the individual, since the chances of an individual having his or her voice heard after the elections have taken place are close to nil.

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6. The Real Reasons Why America Invaded Iraq

Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives when America declared war on Iraq, a war that everybody thought was about Weapons of Ma$$ Destruction. Many brave men and women lost their lives fighting for their countries, and they deserve the highest form of respect for offering the ultimate sacrifice for a noble cause. However, as much as the government tried to hide the fact that there was no evidence of WMDs in Iraq, its main motive for the war must have been something else. People speculate that then-president George W. Bush was looking for a way to settle an old score against Saddam and that America wanted to control the oil coming from this part of the world; two reasons that the government does not want you to even think were the main causes for the war.

5. Obamacare is About to Get More Expensive Than You Thought

The Affordable Care Act that President Obama fought for is a miracle for people who could not afford healthcare in previous years. Obamacare, as it has come to be called, is transforming the lives of the low-income earners with regard to the quality of healthcare they get today, but what most Americans do not know is that there are a few negative consequences that will follow. In the future, some companies will be forced to lay off some of their full-time employees to avoid the penalty that the government will charge each company for every employee that is not under a health plan, and the penalties imposed on individuals who fail to get coverage will become too high for many people to afford the health care that they desperately need.

4. The US Drones Might Not Be As Effective As We Think

The US’s military drones are some of the country’s best ways of dealing with terrorists in this day and age. The drones can easily fly into enemy territory with little chance of detection and kill any number of terrorists without endangering the lives of any American soldier. However, their effectiveness might not be what Americans tend to believe because the drones have killed a number of innocent people as they eliminate enemies. As much as the ‘drones’ technology is a great addition to the fight against terror, there needs to be further improvements for them to make them even safer because the number of Americans being killed by these drones keeps increasing.

3. The Government Can No Longer Hide The Fact That China is Slowly Taking Over

The government is aware that its people and everyone else in the world knows that China’s economy is now overtaking the United States’ economy. Although china claims that it has not yet overtaken the US, whereas the IMF claims that it has, time will separate the two and we will clearly see the bigger economy and eventually the new world superpower emerge. The events leading up to the beginning of the rise of China and the beginning of the fall of the US can trace their origins back to the 1950s, meaning that this event has been a long way coming. The US does not want its citizens to panic or think that anything will change because it is slowly but surely slipping down to number two, but the truth is that only time will tell

2. The Government is Still Hiding Aliens

The discussion of whether there are aliens living among us is growing quite old, with the government denying the existence of aliens, alien aircraft, or remains especially in Area 51. Regardless of what you believe, the late Boyd Bushman revealed that he had knowledge of the weird goings on in Area 51 and even has photographs of aliens in the above top secret military base in Nevada. Bushman was a research scientist working for a firm called Lockheed Martin, where he took part in reverse-engineering flying saucer technology. Bushman made the revelations a few months before he died, and his actions are enough to get you asking more questions about what the government is really hiding in Area 51, and why it keeps denying the presence of aliens or alien technology.

1. The Government is Practising Chemical Warfare on its People

When it comes to war, the best place you can be is in your home country, because your country would never turn on you, right? Well, you would be shocked to realize that the government used to spray its citizens with radioactive particles in St. Louis, to test its prowess in chemical warfare. People who know about it just thought that the government was spraying zinc cadmium silfide particles, a compound supposed to be harmless, but the presence of a radioactive additive makes the compound harmful and very risky. Since then this experiment was decla$$ified, yet during the testing period the government did not want anyone to know about it. You can only ask yourself what the government is testing today and what risks you are facing on a daily basis.



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