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11 Lies We Have Been Made To Believe About These Ghanaian Foods (Photos)



When it comes to food, there are a lot of things people say, from our old heads to the medical community.

We are constantly bombarded with what to eat and what not to eat. With time however and a lot of research, we’ve realized most of these things are mere myths.

Here’re some things we’ve been told about our everyday foods that are simply not true.

1. Kenkey Causes Cancer




2. Eggs Are Not Good For Your Heart

We are constantly told eggs are not good for our hearts because it has a high cholesterol but research has shown otherwise. Even though the cholesterol in an egg is highly digestive, consuming one a day wouldn’t cause anything unless you already have a history of a heart disease.


Photo: Heritage Travel Group/Blogspot

3. Chilled Water Is Not Good For You

We have been told on numerous occasions that iced water is not good because it will clot the food in our stomach. This is a myth because a recent research has proven that, our system is so hot by the time water gets to your stomach, it would have been warmed in a way.





4. Iodized Salt Is Good For Everyone

For many years the public has been made to believe that iodinated salt is good for everyone and that if you don’t take it, you will get goitre. This is a myth because every human being already has some amount of iodine in your system and therefore do not require the excess. Unless you’re diagnosed by a doctor to have an iodine deficiency, there’s no need to really take iodized salt.


Image: Evron Food Store


5. It Takes Years For Gums To Digest When Swallowed

If you’re an adult then you should know that this was just a trick by our parents to prevent us from swallowing it, because swallowing a gum will definitely take long to digest and will most likely come out of your stool. Our stomach is made up of strong walls and acids has been proven to digest a lot of weird stuff.


Images by Science And Food


6. Oysters Are Aphrodisiacs

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Most oyster lovers are in love because they believe they are taking aphrodisiacs. Sorry, there’s really no evidence of this, but it believed that the oyster is the favourite food of the goddess of Love, Aphrodite.


Image: My Burnt Orange


7.  Tiger Nuts Are Aphrodisiacs

For most Ghanaians, tiger nuts are aphrodisiacs but frankly speaking those who take it have never experienced anything. We don’t know who came up with the scam but whoever did surely knew how to make sales and succeeded.


Image: GoodnessDirect


8. Acne Are Caused By Greasy Foods

Pimples or acne are caused by a bacteria and not because you ate some food containing oil. Stress has also been known to aggravate it but never greasy foods.


Image: BebeAkinboade


9. Swallowing Seeds Of Some Fruits Gives Appendicitis

There is a small joint between where the ileum meets the colon known as the appendix, and when this part of the body gets an infection, it is usually cut off. For years, the belief has been that it is caused by swallowing the seeds of some fruits such as oranges or cocoa.

This is a lie because we now know it is an infection and actually happens when you take going to toilet for granted.


10. And Swallowing Seeds Of Fruits Can Germinate Within You

If you’re old enough then you should know this is a lie because your stomach environment is not even conducive to allow seeds to germinate.


Image: JaniBryson.Photoshelter


11. Kelewele Causes Jaundice

Most Ghanaians have been made to believe that when you eat too much Kelewele (fried ripe plantain) you can contract jaundice because of the oil used in frying it. This is a myth because it is not cholesterol that gives you jaundice.

Jaundice comes about when your liver doesn’t metabolise bilirubin the way it is supposed to. This myth probably came about due to the yellowish urine affected patients bring forth which is usually linked to oil due to the appearance.


Photo: TropicalFoodies/Wordpress



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