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Eric Bledsoe
He is only getting better. He can shoot and defend, and his point guard skills are improving.

Jrue Holiday
Watch out for Jrue. When he is healthy, he can shoot, pa$$, and defend. Watch out.

Damian Lillard
This kid is something amazing. He can do it all as a point guard, and will step up late in the game.

Mike Conley
He is your standard point guard, and really doesn`t excel at anything besides his pa$$ing.

Chris Paul
Being the best pure point guard in the NBA is no easy
feat. He prides himself on his pa$$ing.

Russell Westbrook
He is the best scoring point guard in the NBA, and anyone who disagrees gives me names.

Brandon Knight
Even though he ends up on the opposite end of the
highlight reel most of the times, he is a gifted combo
guard and will continue to grow.

Kyle Lowry
Only standing 5`7, he surprises me by his above average shooting ability and great pa$$ing prowess.

Stephen Curry
I`m still mad he didn`t win Finals MVP, but he is
undoubtedly the best three point shooter in the league.

Deron Williams
Prior to his injuries, he was on the same par as Chris
Paul. He could shoot and pa$$, and he still is rightfully so.

Goran Dragic
The Miami Heat are paying him more money than
Dwayne Wade, and they consider him their cornerstone.

Derrick Rose
We can`t forget about one of the most explosive point guards in the game. All of his layups go in no matter what.

Isaiah Thomas
No he is not the one from the `90s. I`m talking about
this 5`10 gentleman. Besides looking like an elf man, he has a spectacular shot.

Ty Lawson
Sure he has drinking problems. What player in the NBA hasn`t been drunk once or twice. No big deal, still an amazing point guard.

Rajon Rondo
Say what you want. He has a ring, and is a extremely
talented pa$$er. He will come back.


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