Chris Brown Reportedly Dealing With Drugs & Anger; He Responds

Chris Brown will quite possibly go down as one of the most talented musical artists of this generation. He can dance and write and any song he lays his vocals on seems to be a hit as with his latest Hot 100 song “Party” featuring Usher and Gucci Mane. It’s a song that’s currently hard to escape much like the demons that allegedly follow Chris and appear hard for him to shake since his attack on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Friends and former employees divulge these demons in an exposé published by Billboard today (March 2).

Last year, Chris Brown‘d manager Mike Guirguis quit and sued the singer for allegedly beating him to the point of hospitalization. According to The New York Daily News, Mike G alleges that Brown invited him into a small room one night and sucker punched him.

Now, Billboard reports that, without Guirguis staying his hand, the singer has plunged in a drug-addled spiral of self-destruction. Sources say even his bodyguards cower before Breezy.

“Once he did what he did to Mike G, there was no structure,” that former security team member says. “We had no manager telling us what to do or where we were going. He would make people sleep on the bus [instead of hotels] when he was mad at them. He was threatening people and cops. He was calling himself the devil.”

Following the release of an investigative piece by Billboard on Thursday (Mar. 2), detailing Chris Brown’s battle with a heavy drug addiction, the famed singer has chimed in on the report.

Brown, 27, took to Instagram Stories to assure fans that he’s in good health. He adds that every time he promotes something positive within his career, another controversial topic throws a curveball at his progress.

“I’m tired of reading about some s**t soon as I’ve got something popping,” he said. “Soon as I want to promote a tour, a party, a fu**ing album, anything, y’all bring up something.” Brown recorded a second video to show that his focus is solely on the music, which entails the remodeling of his home studio. “My weed and my work. That’s all I need,” he curtly said.

In related news, Karrueche Tran and her entourage are taking drastic measures to kick Chris Brown out of their lives. The model’s friend Joseph Ryan La Cour got a restraining order against the singer.

Similar to the court order in Tran’s case, Breezy can’t be within 100 yards of La Cour. TMZ obtained documents that show La Cour accused Brown of making threats against him. He says he also sent thugs after him, whom he believes have ties to criminal gangs.



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