These Names Of Animals And Their Young Ones Will Surprise You: Read On To Check Them Out!

Names of animals and their young ones are surprisingly diverse. A pig’s young one is not just a pig, and a giraffe baby is not a foal at all. If you find yourself mistaking calves and lambs, then you are at the right place to improve your knowledge about fauna representatives. Read on and find out a lot of new and interesting information about animals and their babies.

Bring your children to the screen, make yourself comfortable and have your time joining us to the exciting wild world. It is high time to make everything clear about how to call animals and their younger ones correctly.

How do we call animals and their young ones?

Animals are our relatives as we affectionately call them. They inhabit our planet even where a person could not exist. They surround us every day and wherever we are. We keep some of them at our homes as pets, and we grow others on farms, and we study the rest in the wild. And it is time to learn some interesting things about these living beings especially about young ones of animals.


Do you know what the name for baby sheep is? Many people living in cities do not even realise that sheep and rams are one kind of mammals, only female and male. Their cub can be called a lamb, yeanling (it can be a general notion for several species), cade or hogling.


Pigs are one of the first animals that have been domesticated by humans. They supply people with meat and bacon. A female pig is called a breeding sow or simply a sow, and a male pig is called a boar, seg or swine. The denominations for their baby can be a young pig, piggy, piglet or a gruntling. By the way, the birth of piglets is called farrowing, that is why sometimes they are called farrows.


A man has tamed cows since ancient times. They give people meat and milk. The male cow is called a bull or an ox, and the cow baby is a calf.


Another animal is the rabbit. The female is called the doe-rabbit; the male is just called the rabbit. Do not mix up the name of a male rabbit with the word crawl as it is the stroke. A rabbit baby can be called a rabbit kitten (or just kitten), baby rabbit, young coney, infant rabbit or kit.


Unlike previous animals, goats are not bred by humans so often, but there are whole farms with them. The fact is that they supply people with skin and wool in addition to meat and fat milk. The female is a goat or nanny, and the male is a billy goat or just goat as well. And goat baby name is a baby goat, kid, goatling or yeanling. Many people can confuse kids with lambs. This is a big misconception since we are talking about two different types of animals.


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Horses were domesticated more than 7,000 years ago. During this time, people have bred many breeds of them, from miniature ponies to heavy draft horses and quarter horses. The female horse is called a mare, and the male can be called a stallion or a horse. Horse baby name is a foal, colt or cade.


In fact, zebras are the same horses, only with a characteristic black and white colouring. The correct name of a baby zebra is a foal, just like horses.


The interest in giraffes is reasonably high because giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world. It is not surprising that children are interested in the question about what is the name of a giraffe baby. Since these representatives of the fauna belong to the order of the artiodactyls, their babies are called calves.


The dog is a very first animal tamed by a man. It happened 14 thousand years ago. Now there are hundreds of different breeds of dogs, and not only decorative. There are hunting dogs, guard, shepherd’s, service, etc. The dog baby name is puppy or pup.


Cats, like dogs, have been tamed by man for a very long time ago. Even now they are not just making their masters happy, but also protecting their homes from mice and other rodents. The name of the cat baby is kitten, kit or even catling.


Donkeys in the southern and mountainous regions are used as a means of transport. Also, the donkey can be called cuddy or jack. These names can be considered as an agricultural slang. In Australia, they are called donks. Baby donkeys are called foals or colts as well as horses.


And what about monkeys? We are all accustomed to names for particular species for adult individuals and call their younger ones babies as they are the closest to humans. More scientific or academic denominations prove this. Male and female monkeys are called male and female respectively, and monkey baby name is an infant.

Now as you know the names of some animals and their young ones, you must be feeling a bit more educated and can translate this knowledge to your child so that he or she can be the smartest kid in school. Although this information is basic and does not seem that necessary, consider that remembering new material is good training for your brain. At least now you can be proud of yourself as you know more than someone else.



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