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5 Key Ministries Buhari Should Find Experts To Head



As Nigerians await the ministerial list of President Muhammadu Buhari this month, there are certain ministries that the president cannot afford to toy with in terms of who takes charge of their affairs.

It is pertinent for those who are close to Nigeria’s number one citizen, to continue to drum it in his ears that merit, professionalism and competence should not be sacrificed on the altar of political patronage.


GLtrends has listed five major ministries that are important to the economic prosperity of Nigeria, and that should be left in the hands of experts with integrity rather than core politicians who are seeking compensation for their political contributions to the emergence of a Buhari presidency.

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1. Ministry of Power: President Buhari owes it to Nigerians as a patriotic duty to find a qualified, capable and strong-willed professional to fix Nigeria’s awful power sector. With an expert on board, discovering the right technology, putting in place an effective tariff regime, regulation and foreign partnerships will be the order of the day in the sector. Leaving this ministry in the hands of a core politician will only spell doom for Nigeria.

2. Ministry of Finance: While the president takes his time to decide on the policy templates which his administration will likely adhere to, those close to the president must consistently drum it into his ears that the man or woman to drive these policies must be an expert in economic affairs and one who is tune with global best practices.

3. Ministry of Aviation: It is on record that Nigeria processes pa$$engers more than any other African country, but the truth is that none of Nigeria’s airport is rated highly in the continent. This is due to the mismanagement that has occurred over the years in the nation’s aviation sector. And this is mainly due to the fact that non- professionals have been chosen by past administrations to manage the ministry. Indeed, there is an urgent need for President Buhari to appoint a proven professional in this field who will reposition Nigerian airports and the aviation industry in general to make meaningful impact to the growth of the country’s economy.

4. Ministry of Defence: At a time Nigeria is battling with insurgency mostly in the North-east zone of the country, it will be suicidal to appoint a professional politician to oversee this ministry. Indeed, the protection of lives and properties of the citizens irrespective of their social status remains sacrosanct in the social contract of the government with the people. Hence, to effectively defend the territorial borders of Nigeria and rescue the country from these rampaging insurgents, Buhari has to dig deep and find that one man or woman whose duty would be to coordinate all the security outfits under this ministry to bring an end the insurgency that has bedevilled this country for a long while.

5. Ministry of Education: The magnitude of problems confronting the educational sector in Nigeria is no doubt a major drawback to the country’s quest to prosper among the league of nations. The lack of blueprint fashioning out what Nigeria wants to achieve through education and the modalities for achieving it is one of the reasons why the sector has not made any appreciable progress in a long time. There is an urgent need for the Buhari government to bring in an individual who is an experienced educationist in order to save this very important sector from collapse.



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