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5 Points From Flavour’s Rumoured Secret ‘Love Affair’ With Chidinma (Photos)

Nigerian music star Flavour has spoken on his music career, as well as rumours of him and Chidinma having an affair and more.

In an exclusive chat with Soundcity TV, the Highlife singer spoke on his 18-track album Thankful which was released in October 2015 under 2nite Entertainment and the inspirations behind it.

The Ada Ada singer also stated that his top five songs on the album include Kene Ya produced by Masterkraft, which he said is a praise track to give thanks to God for everything.


Flavour’s second favourite track on the album is titled Ololufe featuring Chidinma, a slow song with which he tried to bring out love feelings and elements.

He also talked about the process of making the song saying it was a brilliant studio session.

Flavour and Chidinma kissing on the set of Ololufe

His third favourite song on the album is Wake Up featuring Wande Coal which was recorded owing to the need to make a dance song.

According to the entertainer, the idea for the song popped up on a flight to South Africa which had him and Wande Coal together and everything else happened afterwards.

Dance is what he called his fourth favourite song on the album, after which he went on to speak on other personal matters.

His relationship with pop star Chidinma has been questioned several times especially after they both shared a kiss on the set of a video, but he spoke on it saying they are both just ‘friends’.

Flavour and Chidinma performing

Flavour and Chidinma performing

He said:

“Chidinma is just my friend, our strong vibe comes from how deep we feel about music, that’s just it.

“We were making a love song and we just tried to make it look real, we are not the first people. Over there in America we see Drake, Nicki Minaj and go [dancing sensually] on stage, doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Believe whatever you wanna believe but are they getting the job done? Are you feeling it? That’s the most important thing.

“It’s not about the kissing. People felt the song, they felt togetherness, they were swept away by our delivery, by our actions, by how we expressed and by how we interpreted the song. It was so original and that’s why people [kept] thinking [that] there’s something going on. For real I’m telling you, there’s nothing going on. We are just good friends. I respect her and she’s a nice person to work with.”

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The entertainer also touched on his best and worst performances till date.


Have a look at the interview below:




Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli also known as Flavour has made the news several times for involvements with several female celebrities over time.

Also, he has fathered babies for ex-beauty queens Sandra Okagbue and Anna Banner which makes news about him and a female in the Nigerian entertainment industry generate crazy buzz.

In April 2016, singer Chidinma spoke to MTV Base on her relationship with Flavour among other things.

When asked if she was having a romantic affair with the Highlife star she said no, and eventually said yes, quite a bit of contradiction which led many into believing they both have an affair of sorts.



In the light of all of this, we take a look at the situation and draw five lessons:

1. PR stunt – Both entertainers are clearly employing public relations techniques in their thinly-veiled, on-off public show of ‘love’ and it is perfectly understandable given the nature of the industry they ply their trades in.

2. Output quality – They are both making good music while their ‘relationship’ lasts, which isn’t a bad one thus far, quite frankly. They have both given superb deliveries in the songs Oh Baby remix, Mama and Ololufe, which means they can decide to do a collaborative album today and have some sizable reception in mainstream market.

3. Nothing is new here – The current status of the Flavour-Chidinma ‘partnership’ is nothing new under the sun as we far as we know and have seen in the entertainment industry both locally and around the world. Hence, whether they come out to accept that they are in a relationship or not, it really changes nothing today neither will it tomorrow or in the next year.

Flavour and Chidinma spending time together

Flavour and Chidinma spending time together

4. Mystery is important – As things stand, the nature of the relationship between both is unclear even though there are telling signs both are romantically linked. And they know better than to make it ‘official’ given the track records of celebrity romantic affairs, so what they do is ‘cozy up’ in private and do everything possible even as they make music along the line and put these out in the open, which is fine. You see, the fact that they have kept things under wrap helps them stave off the process of undue media scrutiny, criticisms and whatnot. So it’s a fun ride for them at present given the way they have (or are trying to) set up the narrative.


5. Understanding is key – Flavour has several baby mamas and Chidinma isn’t expected to toe that path because we want to believe she knows better. So all things being equal, it’s relatively ‘safer’ to have a secret affair even as the music continues to play by virtue of singles being released, performances and whatnot. In clearer words, it is assumed that the pair have a great understanding of things between each other plus as long as they are better together musically they will continue to whip up mild ‘controversies’, increase the buzz around each other and stay in the news so that their music careers enjoy at the end of the day.

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  1. Rots says

    Am sure dey are not dating….. Jus friends..cus flavor has a baby mama

  2. Tosin says

    Their stress tho!

  3. amazing says

    We hear you Mr Flavour

  4. chidoz says

    They are just friends

  5. Kelvin says

    NO.. Cares

  6. Hafsat says

    Dey cn neva date,cos it nt possible

  7. Deji says

    Normal thing o

  8. Deji says

    Why now @hafsat?

  9. lariq says

    well. i feel they are old enough to get along with each other…. they would look nice as couples …

  10. Kwaraboi says

    Let dem chilled joor!

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    that are lying to us ni jawe, u no date and u dey kiss & romantic.

  13. lad says

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