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5 Stark Realities Every Unemployed Nigerian Graduate Can Totally Relate To


First the emphasis is placed on getting admission and when that is done, graduating with stellar grades is the next agenda after which comes NYSC and finally landing a good job. The hardest of all is the landing a good job part. A lot of Nigerian graduates are either trekking through the length and breadth of Nigerian cities with their brown envelope or probably under-employed somewhere. These young Nigerians go through a lot everyday to survive both mentally and physically. We know these things these young men and ladies go through and for those of you who don’t, GLTRENDS brings you 5 of them…

Failing dreams: A lot of graduate while still in school had very great dreams to do so much for themselves and their family member but months after Youth Service, with not a single interview in sight and a million and one applications, it starts to look like those dreams are fading away with time.

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Anticipation: Its like they live their life daily waiting for that call or text for that interview for one of the many jobs they applied for or the one immediately after they just did an interview or wrote an aptitude test. The anxiety is real and it’s sometimes the only thing that gives them hope and keeps them going.

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Unfounded advises: Many people become experts on their cases. They never stop advising you to do this or that to land that dream job. Some even say that the employment situation isn’t normal, therefore one should seek spiritual help to rule out any generational curse.


Broke: Now this is the realest part of being unemployed in Nigeria. When in school, parents, uncles and aunties make it their duty to send you something every once in a while but after graduation, they desert you, leaving you to live like an orphan while they focus on your younger ones who are still in school. That is the routine in Nigeria. However, even when they occasionally send money, it sort of downgrades your ego, so you just turn down the offer even though all you want to do is jump at it. The wallet of an unemployed person is like onion, because whenever he opens it, he cries.

Job scam: Being unemployed and broke is bad enough but being scammed on top of it, is on another level. Out of desperation for a job, many graduates are scammed daily of their money or integrity. Some ladies are made to sleep with top firm officials in return for a job offer and at times, they never do, while some have to part away with the little money they have for the same hing and most times, the jobs never come.

This is our list guys, add yours!!!

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