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All You Need To Know About Davido Father And Mother (Photos)

All You Need To Know About Davido Father And Mother

Entire Nigeria listens to the memorable tunes of Davido and loves his phase presence and attitude. Some devoted fans are also thinking about the off-stage life of the singer. Most significantly, which family was Davido born in, and who are his moms and dads? Here, you will discover whatever about Davido dad and mother and discover how they influenced their kid’s life and profession.

Shortly about Davido and his achievements

There is probably not a single Nigerian who does not know Davido. The full name of the musician is David Adedeji Adeleke, but on stage, he goes by the more memorable name – Davido. He is Nigerian, but his birthplace was Atlanta, Georgia, the United States. Aside singing, he also writes songs and produces. He also has a lot of profitable endorsement deals and is officially considered to be one of the richest Nigerian musicians.

With all the popularity and fame that Davido has achieved in the recent years, all the fans are wondering who is the main support behind all the success of this talented singer. Of course, his parents must have been a huge influence on his career. Who is Davido father, and why is his mother no longer with us? Read all the information about his parents and find out facts you never knew.

Davido’s father

The father of Davido is a very influential person. His name is Adedeji Adeleke, but he is also known as Elder Deji Adeleke. This man is of Yoruba nationality, and he originates from Osun State.

Davido’s father was born in 1957, on March 6th. When he was a child, his family resided in Enugu State. He came from a wealthy family – his father, Adebayo Adeleke, held a position of a chief and was a successful businessman. Adebayo Adeleke created Banana Island (which is an artificial island, situated in Lagos) and its development.

Adebayo Adeleke worked out the plan for construction and expansion of Banana Island until he managed to attract the investors not only from Nigeria but also worldwide. Eventually, the island managed to gain a lot of profit by becoming the most popular attraction for wealthy tourists in Nigeria, all thanks to the dedicated work of Adebayo Adeleke and his team.

Deji Adeleke followed his father’s steps, also becoming a famous businessman and investor. He also possesses a huge deal of experience in education, because he is a co-founder and valuable partner of the Adeleke University in Ede, which is in Osun State. Aside that, Deji Adeleke is the CEO of “Pacific Holdings Ltd”.

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The entire Adeleke family always knew that they want to thrive for success. The older brother of Deji, Isiaka Adeleke, was also inspired by their father’s fruitful career and proceeded to become the Governor of Osun State. Unfortunately, Isiaka Adeleke passed away last year.

Davido always knew that his family lays high expectations for him. According to the words of people who know him, Deji Adeleke is a straightforward person, who kept his children under strict discipline. He always made sure Davido stays at school and completes his education, even when the young singer already started becoming famous, and his wish was to exchange university for the stage.

Deji Adeleke donated a lot of money to the institution where his son Davido studied, Babcock University. These contributions led to the building of a new gorgeous hall. Deji also built a new edifice at the local Seventh Day Adventist church.

The father of Davido is a man who has made himself a name, and it is appreciated that he does not just spend his wealth on the riches for himself and his family but also donates great amounts of money to the charity. He also made a very serious and hardworking person out of Davido by raising him the way he did.

Davido’s mother

The mother of Davido was named Veronica Imade Adeleke. She married Deji Adeleke and had two children with him: Davido and his sister Sharon (Coco). She worked as a lecturer at the Babcock University, where her son attended. Veronica Adeleke was a generous person with a big heart, aside from being a beautiful and intelligent woman.

When Veronica Adeleke suddenly passed away in 2003, the whole university campus started mourning the loss. She was only 39 years old when she passed away. Not much else is known about Veronica, except that she was interested in music just like her son. She had a band, which she called after her son – “David’s Band”. This band later performed at the funeral of Veronica.

Every year, the Adeleke family commemorates the loss of their mother. They invite a lot of family friends and people who used to know her. Davido still remembers his mother very fondly and speaks only good words about her. He often uploads photos of his mom. He even gave his daughters middle names after her, as they are called Aurora Imade and Hailey Veronica Adeleke. Davido really does everything to make sure that the memory of his mother will live on forever.

This was the article about Davido’s businessman father, who is a generous charity donor, and hislate mother, who used to be a university lecturer. Without his parents, Davido would not have become who he is today, and we should thank them for their incredible son.


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