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BBNaija Ban: A Looming Act!

BBNaija Ban: A Looming Act!

BBNaija Ban

BBNaija Ban: A Looming Act!

Big Brother Nigeria now called BBNaija is a known reality TV show on Multichoice. This is a  competition among selected numbers of contestants. The show takes place in an isolated location.

Since its debut in 2006, it has received both praises and criticisms from Nigerians. However, this show has continued to be aired. In fact, statistics have shown that this show is liked by about 89% of viewers. This means a larger percentage of the populace enjoys this show.

Nevertheless, what to do with the remaining 11% of the viewers not accounted for? Religious leaders in Nigeria had called on the Government on several occasions about the wrongs of this reality tv show. Yet, no one has made a move.

The basis for most criticisms that this reality show has had since is the indecent acts on the show. Indecent acts like live sexual activities, indecent behaviors, offensive languages, etc. result in moral decadency in our society.

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Also, some critics said it has also set a drawback in the promotion of the good cultures that are in Nigeria. To further their claims, few said that it is not an educative program. The final verdict that these critics, if not all are saying is that “Big Brother Nigeria should be banned”.

Will the Government ban BBNaija?

However, it is believed by lovers of this interesting show that these critics are biased in their arguments/conclusions. They also claim that there are upsides to this entertaining reality show. This include, mind games, tests of emotional intelligence, entertainment, teamwork, uncovering of talents, etc.

The Multichoice has also accrued lots since the beginning of the airing of the show. Also, many other brands that use this platform as their marketing strategy have profited from it.

The question still left hanging in the air amidst Nigerians till today is “should BBNaija be banned?”.

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