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Still Blazing! Airtel Free Mb Codes (Tested and Confirmed)



Seriously, for dose of u dat av dial dis code b4 and didnt work on ur sim, try it naw it will work cos i also tried it b4 it didnt work… Whatsapp @ 08060518174

To ma surprise today i got 200mb each on ma airtel sim…

I swear to God….


To get this free Airtel Mb kindly dial below codes accordingly and tell us your findings:

Free Airtel MB subscription codes:

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1. dial *948*1# for free whatsapp megabytes….

2. Dial *141*13*1# for free day megabytes….

3. Dial *141*13*15# for 5mb with #5

4. *141*13*50#

5. *141*13*100#

6. *141*13*200#

7. *758*10#

dial *885*0# to check ur whatsapp data mb….

Dial *223# or *123*10# to check ur other megabytes


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  1. kokolet says

    Same story. Hmmmmmmm ??

  2. syneroh says

    Great wrk bro, ℓ̊ was given .

  3. Moise says

    Don Phezturz, You dis mad idiot.

  4. Segun says

    Working o…only *141*13*50# wrk..ahr ws gvn 50mb 4 3 days

  5. Anonymous says


  6. ojfame says

    working perfectly thanks

  7. osquare says

    omo…..dis cheat fuckin work ooooo 4 d 1st time…happy modo activated was given 200 plus mb

  8. Mr Hansel says

    Yeah. 50mb confirmed.

  9. Anonymous says

    Great wrk bro, ℓ̊ was given 200mb

  10. Smith says


  11. mark2 says

    we go dial d whole codes 1 by 1?

  12. dennis says

    Rock wella man,tnx alot

  13. I love pussy says

    Old sh¡t

  14. Anonymous says

    guy tanx

  15. Emmy says

    Yes ooo, it is real, i Jst receive my own 200mb nw. I am so happy

  16. princebrainlord says

    Guy i salute u o, it is workin pase pase. Gud work don.

  17. DRIVE says

    Guy u bam, I just got 100mb valid for 7 days, I tried it before but didn’t work but now it worked, u too much jare, Jah-bless.

  18. Anonymous says

    Nt wrking

  19. Cleverboy311 says

    Not Wrking @all….4me

  20. Anonymous says

    Thanks don i am having 200mb 50mb nd 50mb in my three airtel lines.

  21. adigun says

    seriously i just got 200mb each on 5sims now. Thanks Don P

  22. Austin says

    hmmmmm hope nah true

  23. nonifrabz says

    working well…I got 100mb only..tnx bro

  24. joew says

    more grace to ur elbow,at least I got 50mb

  25. omoaye says

    omo wrk like magic.i got 200mb now.tank bros.keep on wrking

  26. lab says

    Configure ur android to browse with glo nd mtn bis cantact me on whatsapp @08088388230 beg o its not for free o so if ur looking for free thing i beg nor add ma num i beg u with God.

  27. Ezekiel says

    mtsheew smh me think say na better cheat sef

  28. Menandi says

    Don P abeg hw much persin go rechrge 4 d codes to wrk?abeg

  29. Tanx nigga says

    Gona check this out…

  30. zubis says

    thanks for the good works you guys are doing is real

  31. Fedamın says

    Works wel

  32. kenny wizzy says

    thankz its working buh I only get 150mb.. Hw did u get 60mb

  33. Anonymous says

    thanks I got mine 200mb

  34. DON_PHEZTURZ says

    Sum people are just stupid walahi, after u see screenshot and still shouting fake and even some r calling me idiot for wat i strived hard to get b4 posting…

    for d fact dat am working hard 4u guys and some goats are here depreciating all ma efforts….

    With the living God whom i serve, u shall not make it in life

    1. Ak says

      Guy u no nid 2de rain couz nw, u truly try bu out of all 500mb wey u calculat, na only 50mb n d whatsapp wok 4me,it mite nt evn wok 4sum pple @all bu since na Free 2test, guyz no supos de cos u, so no ves n hlp me find d 1wey go correct well pas dis 1.tnx

  35. DON_PHEZTURZ says


  36. DON_PHEZTURZ says

    Na thunder go fire u all ingrates…. Stupid people of low intellectuals


  37. DON_PHEZTURZ says

    I say it again, u shall not make it until u learn to appreciate, AMEN

    Idiot of nazareth

  38. Maxfizzy says

    Guy God bless u abg u too much I get 18mb 4 whatsapp and 201mb 4 odaz thanks bro pls post more cheat and drop it mobile Numba

  39. Moise says


  40. Moise says

    GoD forbid.

  41. Moise says

    Don phezturz, e be like say you don post this thing before and we told you it was not working then, but still you post am again, them swear for you.

  42. Lordshane says

    its working. tanks for the codes

  43. derick says

    wow…. d code is working

  44. Anonymous says

    The shii is fucking real. Omoh, see as ah dey form boss 4 my brodas. Gave ’em d code and dey paid me.

  45. lewispresto says

    Donphezturz….u are Good man I swear dis tweak work baje i got 450mb x2 on my two lines…if u abuse dis guy seh dis tweak not work…your life we no better…amin.

  46. lex says

    Wrkin (y) nw………. Bt wen it 1st came out wks bak, it did nt wrk 4 me

  47. Anonymous says


  48. chinex says

    Oboi dis tin dey work die. I was given 200mb to browse for 14days. First tyme I am gettin dis kind of luck. Infact its d mb am using to post dis nw. Tanx for d info bro

  49. Bestie says

    worked, was given 251 mb till dec. 5th

  50. omogbolahan says

    Thanks guy I was just been given 100MB for 7days may God bless you.. This is true I swear with all my life.

  51. Anonymous says

    U guys dat is abusin dis guy, why dnt u go nd throw ur sim awaz nd talk beta tin Wrkin jawe

  52. Sir Henry says

    D tin work wela bro thanks 4 d cheat….I got 702mb on my fone…..4 sure jah bless U

  53. adams says

    Chai,make brain,i was given 250mb,valid for one mouth

  54. kennyboi says

    pls I got a message dat it is unsuccessful and it doesn’t work for my plan, Xo wich plan does it work on plss

  55. Mr Wale says

    For the past 2years I have been on ds site, ds is d 2nd time i wil be lucky with free mb, 250mb on one airtel sim, 5mb on d other.
    Gracia phezturz

  56. kycilae says

    got 50mb.. tnks nigga…. i need simple server tweak… pls help me wit any

  57. kilokanfamo says

    Working perfectly… Just got 250mb now on my fone for 14days and 2 days also… Thanks so much

  58. william says

    for 2day I just believe dis site pls guys dis cheat is working perfectly well on my ( tecno G9)

  59. goke says

    Working perfectly, if is not working for u, that’z ur badluck dont come here and be abusing this nigga, i got 400mb on ma sim.

  60. vector oundun says

    C0mfirmd i q0t 201 MB

  61. Abu Muhammad says

    Thumbs up! Phezturz. I’ve got 100MB. KEEP IT UP.

  62. Napolitano says

    For 4 years, I’ve been a gurusloaded member… But i’ve never commented. I rarely do… But for the first time, i’m doing it,…Coz for d 1st time, a data cheat posted here has finally worked on my line…. I’ll bring many more ppl to this site…

  63. Drey san says

    Na ogun go kill u for dis ur nonsense post were u post so!! U come even sey make them add u for whatsapp na thunder go kill idiot?? Thief??????

  64. olamide says

    bro i appreciate u afterall non of us are paying you but as for me i just got 200mb on my sim, tanks and God bless you abundantly

  65. okeyo says

    it is still workin tanx man

  66. circ says

    TNKS ITS WORKING 4 200mb. keep it up guy. don’t b worried abt dese fellas. sharing is caring indeed

  67. opeyemi says

    It s works wella ooooooooooooooOooooooooo

  68. jamiu says

    i get 200mb

  69. chiboy says

    Thanks guy I was given 200mb great job

  70. Anonymous says

    nice work….keep it up

  71. olalekan says

    Working for me I swear to God I got 150mb

  72. Kbless da rapper says

    my bro i hail o. Nice job. I got 100mb

  73. TH³-•-Rªwmªn says

    I’m not infuriated that their stupidity is now increasing astronomically. DON_PHEZTURZ is working profusely to make sure that you jesters are happy and well satisfied yet some of you here are still finding reasons et faults to demean his virtuous reputation publicly. I term that stupidity et childishness, kids who can’t subscribe always depending on webmasters ampersand site owners et admins. chicken-hearted illiterates. na bcox of dix bulshits i left webmastering.

  74. monday says

    don, thanks i got 50mb @ least i was given something, at all at all bad pass

    More grease to your elbow

  75. I real says

    It does nt wrk on my plan whc plan will i migrate to plz

  76. I real says

    It does not wrok on my airtel plan whc plan will i migrate to plz

  77. Moise says

    First of all, these are not cheat codes, so don’t let him trick you and stop thanking him, cos even my dog knows those codes. and second oh that’s all I’ve got ¶¶¶¶¶…

  78. Anonymous says

    tnx bro i just receive 250mb

  79. Styles says

    Tnks buddy I got 100mb

  80. yemi says

    fuck haters bro, even 2face don tok am b4 so continue yout good works just got 100MB now


  81. ephraim says

    nice one baba, u too much 250mb just like that thanks ooooooo

  82. Moise says


  83. Nellykoole says

    Got 50mb, it’s real!

  84. fizzy says

    its nt working

  85. Ebenmoore says

    Which plan do you have to migrate to cuz i did not receive any data

  86. Anonymous says

    working ooo

  87. marquez says

    guy which plan u dey into 4 ur airtel cos my own no details work..abeg make person reply me

  88. omooba says

    working perfectly sweet

  89. born2win says

    Pls wat plan should I migrate to, cos it nt workin on this my plan

  90. Reedhar bee says

    woaw! make sense

  91. Anonymous says


  92. Mike says

    now use it to browse with this new Nokia N1 Android Phone.

  93. omoeleye says

    @u drive which kind bam

  94. Okikijesu computer says


  95. Funshor says

    Its workin baje,gat 200mb,,im using it on ma pc,waww,thanks don festuz,,dont mind haterz,jes kip doin ur work

  96. rashyy says

    Thanks got 200mb

  97. Bob Gaius says

    The Thing Is Those Abusing DON PHEZTUZ Are Admins From Other Sites.
    So They Try As Much As Possible To Discourage Him From What He’s Doing. The Cheat Will Work For Them But They’ll Try And Sway People From The Site.
    In Other News, I Just Received 50MB. K U D O S

  98. Akintayo says

    Great job i was given 200mb 10ks bros

  99. Lord says

    Always remember 2 appreciate goodtin.just got my 200mb rite now.i tot it wont wok,bt 2 my gr8test suprise,i just receive my 200mb witout any stress..kudos 2 u King phesturz.u always remain de best jaree may God continue 2 bless u abundantly.dnt dos ingrate lunatics..remain blessed jaree

  100. babadinho says

    don, just continue your good works on this site i pray u will make it to the promiseland, dont mind the haters….

    Just got 100mb bro, tanks for that

  101. DON_PHEZTURZ says

    dats life 4u…

    They cant stop me anyway…

    Keep flexing if ur among the lucky ones

  102. Sandemosky says

    It only work on 071 and 070 numbers.

  103. ola says

    Idiot isn’t working

  104. greg says

    all this comments are fake. the owner of the site is the one using different names to comment saying it is working. fake site

    1. DEALEH says

      You never Believe anything In Your life that’s why Your Life Remain the same and that’s how it going to be until You Cultivate the Believer habit..

  105. Name says

    I got all mbs whatapp ,free day, 200 and 50mb

  106. vector says

    code working big time… thumbs up gurus

  107. Moise says

    Sé them sware for una, I said the codes are not cheat codes, they’re merely gift codes from air tel, stupid admins, thieves calling it cheat codes for their glory™ ..…¶¶¶¶¶π

  108. habeeb says

    bro deleah, thanks for the cheat is working… Fuck haters bro i got one 100mb and 50mb

    Thanks so much

  109. John says

    working very perfect.. thanks..


  110. HEROBOI says

    what is ur fucking pro @MOISE or cat or wat did u call ur self, y dnt you go to church if u wanna preach,, let us call it wat we like…….. if nha code is okay and if nha cheat lif it, abi nha u bring am FOOL………. d thing they work

  111. chichi says

    This site is the best, i just got 50mb at least i got sumtin

    thanks gurus

  112. famous says

    Τά̯͡к̲є̲cά̯͡яє̲ d tin work ver well so tank allot

  113. ablin says

    I got 50mb for d first tym

  114. Lordcrownix says

    A prayer 4 moise….. May u never b blessed in dis life may ur helpers run away frm u…. All bad characters man could tink of would be ur portion in the land of d living…..ur parent will cry on ur behalf Finaly may u die n qoto hell… Be apreciateful 4 once.. M nt usinq airtel bt i told my friends n it worked soooo?? Mtn maqic sim needed

  115. desolad2000 says

    it worked

  116. Moise says

    Stupid Phezturz and Deahleh, commenting with fake usernames, come out and face me fakers!!!!!!!!!.

  117. Prof Jim says

    Oh boy! God bless u fellas. It works I just got 50mb on my phone. Abeg which one dey gv 250mb pls mk I press am? lolzzzzzzz

  118. joe says

    God bles
    s 200mb fuck ya insulters

  119. Anonymous says

    Moise u are very stupid, wich one you post self

  120. ahmad akanbi says

    working well well

  121. Anonymous says

    Thanks dudesss, I was given , 750mb

  122. says

    God bless u man…. it works on my line and my bro line for those idiots na thunderstorms go strike una FADA yarnsh

  123. Anonymous says

    Old cheat

    1. Anonymous says

      appritiate good tinz or piss off

  124. tolu says

    sorry,its saying its not allowed on my plan,pls help oo,wah plan do i need to be on

  125. olamide badoo says

    Woh I was given 1000000mb working ooooo damn it…

  126. Anonymous says

    d cheat dy Alright just dy enjoy am ni

  127. Anonymous says

    watch out for the official release of d latest
    sound By lexycrown@BE MY GIRL…..
    pROduced By by #### #TEEDOT UNBEATEN.##
    …please dnt be left out….
    watch out

  128. Somebody says

    I neva benefit anytin b4 on dis site,, but u’ve to bliv dis ….i hav three airtel lines, but only 2 work for dis code d other 1 doesnt,,i got 260mb on 1 nd 80mb on d second

  129. Danny says

    I think Moise is just mistaken, if he has a grudge with the guy, he should just say it not ruining his site. I like the simplicity of this site that’s why I come here not only because of the cheats alone. And if you think this comment is also posted by ‘Dealeh’ or ‘Don’, then message me on facebook. or @itzzfrosh on twitter or instagram. I think you guy dropping testimonies should do the same to prove that the Admins here are not posting the comments themselves. Just drop your fb username after ur comment. Laters.

  130. via gain says

    na d way

  131. femyth says

    gbabe…..confirm nii 200mb in for me

  132. niko says


  133. Oluwaseyi says

    Infact ,i think dis people saying dis tweak not work,they are mad people,some1 saying dat owner using many usernames to comment,how is possible to do so…..i think most of dis people saying dis are stupid fellow…..Owner of dis site i advice u to continue in ur good work…God Bless u.

  134. chukz says

    don pls mine was unsuccessful bcus of my plan wat plan are u on 4 it 2 wrk 4 u?tanks

  135. charlzwalker says

    tnx phezturz…. dont mine dox ignorant persons hu dnt appreciate. it sims dae kan only read buh dnt understnd wat dae read. ignore dem kox dae r of low memory. dae av lytl MB in dea tabular raza.

  136. gbodeski says

    Rocks wella

  137. bola says

    got….101mb 10ks

  138. osaretin ice prince says

    guy god go replenish u 1000000 fold amen guy take my number in case any code come out tanx u b baba I dulf ooooo 08172982492 bro god bless u

  139. El-fakky says

    Omoh dis cheat make sense die
    ……..we appreciate manh. tnx…. alot…… lets roll nd enjoy our cheat may God bless airtel…… we will be ever connected to airtel… d best line so far……. we hop to receive more of dis bonanza…

  140. Superman says


  141. Superman says

    To everyone saying d Moise guy ,did is for you. May u never
    b blessed in dis life may ur
    helpers run away frm u…. All
    bad characters man could tink of
    would be ur portion in the land
    of d living…..ur parent will cry
    on ur behalf Finaly may u die n
    qoto hell…

  142. samijay says

    This bloody skinny bitches almost discouraged me given 300mb nw

  143. H.B says

    I get 300 MB thanks

  144. giantman says

    200mb sure pass.

  145. Mubyzz says

    U guys shud alwayz b 4 me its workin.i got 100mb,150mb and 50mb,i wil keep renewing it.
    Note. That diz cheat only works wen u put d sim in a torch light phone.

  146. Anonymous says

    Bravo bro! I just received 200mb

  147. Anonymous says

    guy,u get mouth

  148. klergisam says

    seriously this tweak works, thanks ma nigga, for una wey no get am go wash una head for river

  149. Alex says

    Working Perfect….

    Today free gift Nokia N1 – Click to get yours.

  150. aj says

    nah sure 200 mb

  151. easypumping says

    guy good of u it work wella.

  152. osabol says

    How much will they deduct

  153. dethronse says

    Omo naa sure thing jaree..what bout etisalat..cheat

  154. id says

    it wrk oooo

  155. ab niceking says

    they al worked 4 me be4 nt again

  156. ME5808 says

    Di tin no work for me o, it dey tell me say Unsuccessful.. Say it no dey available on my pakage . Pls help i have 2 sim. Same tin

  157. SODIQ says

    wa gbayi i dey feel d 200 mb

  158. majeed says

    Yaa dat is great cuz 200mb confirm

  159. crownlee says


  160. ayzee says

    the code is allsome well dude, u get am for brain jooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  161. oyeyemi says

    U can also visit our site

  162. kenny says

    i was given 150mb .thks man

  163. heavenbouy says

    I was given d 50mb d rest was saying not available on dis plan oda says insufficient balance … Dunno wah it means buh thanks anyways,…

  164. emkay says

    its working d tin is just try nd change ur airtel plans

  165. delight says


  166. Karounwi says

    Nyc one dude, pls I do I migrate and which plan do I migrate to

  167. stone says

    is dis sti working or not? bcos is not working on my own

  168. Perolski says

    Rocks better at

  169. thobosky says

    200mb is confirm bt nt 4 evry1

  170. opeyemi says

    some ppls no get brain here, someone day try for u to get free mb, and someone still day open there mouth like a goat to say rubbish….Nah ur papa give him brain ni or ur family….smello ppls pls stop saying nonsense,….pls jare better ppls I am just bought new airtell sim and s not working for browsing pls better person I would I activate it?…..

  171. wisdom says

    I try all this then show me unsuccessful what I want to do

  172. opeyemi says

    dis trick dey work wella…… I got 500mb wallahi……may God bless gurusloaded staff Nah dem get mouth pass:::

  173. Mike says

    Just got 100Mb. Thanx only d …*100# worked 4 me.

  174. Anonymous says

    its telling is not for my plan

  175. Mamud says

    Oh boy nar u sure pass o,its wrk o.

  176. pascalmak says

    Tanks man keep it up

  177. AK says

    No mind them, if na promo code from Airtel why you too no go search for promo code from MTN? Yours won’t be the first, dem dey call em bad bele. I did it on ma two Airtel and I got 150MB on the first, 100MB on the second. I did for my wife and she was given 300MB instantly, to my surprise she checked her remaining MB in the morning and Airtel added another 500MB for her, can’t explain how that happened. More divine knowledge to you bro.

  178. Golden. says

    Thanks it work. Bt 4 nt all sim. Thanks once again. Pls do any body knows how 2 activate glo magic sim here, sum guys in my area is using it..

  179. Anonymous says

    oboy i don get 200 mb and extra 8 mb

  180. Papa Tee says

    Thanks I got 150mb

  181. opeyemi says

    kudos for gurusloaded!!!!!!

  182. Anonymous says

    My First HeadingMy first paragraph.

    First name:

    Last name:

  183. sssd says

    My First HeadingMy first paragraph.

    First name:

    Last name:

  184. Anonymous says

    I tried the 200mb first but it was unsucesfuI then i diaIIed the 100mb code beIieve me congratuIation message was the respond i got… Thanks to Gurutians particuIar Dr. Pheztus for ur undaying effort and courage to withstand undeserved critism by our ingreats couIIeages. Remember 2face Iyrics that. If no body taIked about you then you are no body. Keep it up brooo

  185. KokoIet says

    I tried the 200mb first but it was unsucesfuI then i diaIIed the 100mb code beIieve me congratuIation message was the respond i got… Thanks to Gurutians particuIar Dr. Pheztus for ur undaying effort and courage to withstand undeserved critism by our ingreats couIIeages. Remember 2face Iyrics that. If no body taIked about you then you are no body. Keep it up brooo

  186. ibrymo says

    OMG 300mg

  187. jidelee says

    Thanks Bro I got 200mb

  188. chisco nigeria says

    it realing working perfectly on my sim …..I got 600mb free…..air tel tanx a lot for d codes and offers

  189. mizzyblizz says

    man…i hail oo..i just got 200mb,100mb nd 50mb al at the same time…tnx man…keep it up

  190. rapholy says

    babao wagbayi, u 2gbaski!!! notin do u, i fil u die lyk fry dodo.

  191. jp says

    is realy working oh guys una try wella

  192. jaspar says

    i need mb so urgently

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