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Check MTN Data Balance: 9 Different Ways You Can Do It

check mtn data balance

There are several ways to check MTN data balance. Even long-time subscribers in Nigeria don’t know all the different ways to check MTN data balance.

The main reason is that there are so many data bundles. This makes keeping track of the different codes for checking data balance hard.

So if you are new to MTN Internet, this piece would show you the various ways you can check MTN data balance. As a consequence, you would be informed of some of the Internet data options available to MTN subscribers

For veterans users of MTN data or Internet services, this should be an eye-opener for some of you. Maybe you’ve stuck to just one way of verifying your data balance. That anomaly ends today.

You would know how frustrating it is when the only method you know fails due to network glitches. Now, you have different options to confirm how much data you have left

Ways to Check MTN data balance

The first two methods are the common ways to check MTN data balance. The rest are specific to some data packages available on the network.

1. USSD codes

There are three codes involved here. Most of the time, this is all you would ever need to check your MTN data balance.

  • Simply dial *559# and hit other send/call B.utton
  • Dial *559*4# and hit the call/send B.utton on your device
  • Dial *131# and choose 4 in the menu. You would get a notification of your data balance.

Actually, dialing *131# can help you check MTN data balance for different packages. You have to select the number that corresponds to the package you subscribed to. You would then be notified of your data balance.

2. Using SMS

  • Open your text messaging app
  • Type 403
  • Send it to 131

You would get a text notification with your data balance. Or you can

  • Type Status or Balance
  • Send to 131

You would be informed of your data balance through a test message

3. MTN SME Data

The SME data is a package created for small businesses to make money selling data to other people.

If you bought your data through the SME platform, you can check the data balance through this two methods:

  • Dial *691*7# and hit the call/enter/send B.utton on your device


  • Open your text messaging app
  • Type Sharebalance
  • Send it 131

You would get a test notification in a bit informing you of your data balance.

4. MTN Goodybag or Social Packs

The MTN Goodybag is a data bundle designed for unlimited access to social media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp only.

To check your Goodybag data balance:

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  • Open your text messaging app
  • Type 403
  • Send it to 131

You would get a notification text of your Goodybag data balance.

5. MTN Pulse data balance

MTN Pulse is a package with lots of amazing benefits which include the ability to get 1GB of data for just N500. The data is valid for only 7 days though.

If you are on MTN Pulse, you can check your data balance by:

  • Open your messaging app
  • Type 2
  • Send 131

You would receive a text message with information on your remaining data and validity.

Or you can

  • Simply dial *131*4#

You would instantly get a notification of the data balance.

6. MTN shared data balance

The shared data plan was introduced so people can share their data with friends and family.

If you got your data through the shared data plan, this is how to check MTN data balance:

  • Simply dial *461*7#

As usual, you would receive a notification of you data balance.

7. Online Chat

Using this method is almost like a last ditch solution. Here you need to go the MTN website on your Web browser.

Then it is simply a matter of clicking the yellow and red chat icon at the bottom right corner of the page.

You would be connected to an available agent after a waiting period. You can ask the agent any question including your data balance.

To check MTN data balance this way, you need to take into consideration the fact that you would only be connected during the working hours.

On weekdays, the working hours are between 8 AM and 5 PM. On weekends, the hours are between 8 AM and 1 PM.

8. Use call center agents

Getting in contact with customer care agent is another way to check MTN data balance. Unlike the online chat, this is a round the clock service.

Simply dial 181 from your MTN line. After a waiting period, you would be connected to a call center agent. You can proceed to ask for your data balance.

9. Social media

MTN Nigeria is very active on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

You can go to their Facebook page or Twitter handle to inquire about your data balance. Simply drop a message in the there with your number.

The administrator would get back to you with your data balance in due course.

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