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Check Out The Top 5 Rave-making Nigerian Gospel Singers You Should Listen To

There are many Nigerian gospel singers who are making waves around the country with their music at the moment. These are some of those artistes. 

As far as music in general is concerned, Nigeria is one of the biggest not only in Africa, but in the entire world. With the Christian genre, there are many stars that are doing great and are known both in the country and beyond. They include stars like Samsong to Lara George, Sinach, Frank Edwards, and Nosa.

Apart from these that you must have heard, there are many others that may just be the future of Christian music in Nigeria and even beyond. Here are some of those you should definitely listen to:

1. Bapshang Peter

Bapshang is an artist from the same place as some of your most favourite musicians in Nigeria including MI, P Square, Ice Prince, and Jeremiah Gyang- Jos. A soul lifting personality, gospel minister and song writer, he has been able to capture the hearts of many in Jos within a very short while having ministered in a number of successful events.

His distinct musical qualities make him stand out among his peers, making him one of those to listen to in Nigeria. With a number of singles and a couple of albums (Gurasa and My Healer), he has gained fame for his brand of soft rock with deep and soup uplifting lyrics. Some of his popular songs include My Healer and Fill this Place.

2. St. Chika

Born Chika Nwaogu, St. Chika is yet another Nigerian Christian singer that everyone should listen to. Although he only began his career in 2017, he soon became a national sensation by 2018 after the release of his hit single, Higher.

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Born in Lagos, he began playing the piano, something he learned from his uncle, at a very early age. He started work as a programmer before moving on as a gospel musician. He is also popular for songs such as “Paid It All” and “Jesus Only You (JOY)”.

3. Steve Crown

Crown is not the newest man on the list as he has been singing for quite some time, coming by fame for the same reason. He is also a music producer and director. His interest in music sustained since he was a child of four, before joining his church choir when he was eight.

The founder of Lakelight Entertainment, he has released a number of songs that have been very successful. Among his most popular songs are “You are Great”, “Imela”, and “Ejiro”. If you are yet to listen to him, you really need to.

4. Dare David

Whether it is good praise that you want or soulful worship songs, Dare David has been very good through the years, although he still remains missing from the playlist of many people. He is also a producer and music producer. He has released some albums- “Let Your Glory Fall”, “Open Doors Live Recording”, and “Open Doors”.

5. Spokesman

Spokesman is probably the most underrated Christian musician in Nigeria even though he is one of the best everyone should listen to. Popularly known for his Christian Rap, Spokesman has made the genre acceptable to even people who would naturally not listen to rap music.

Born Jeremiah Aluwong, he is also a public speaker who enjoys an enviable followership in Kaduna state where he is from and from many other Northern states for his rhymes and very deep messages. With his debut album released in 2016 “The PROPHETional SPEECH”, Spokesman is popular for songs such as Mic Check.

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