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Checkout an artists incredible but scary images of how the world might end (Photos)

Artist ,Steve McGhee has created apocalyptic images that seem to cover every possible way the world might end.

They include planes crashing down on New York City, blackholes opening up in Sydney Harbour and a large oil spill off the coast of France. Mr McGhee, from London, Ontario, believes his work could be influenced by the fact he watches far too many disaster movies.

He said

 ‘I guess it’s too many disaster movies. That and the fact that I’m fascinated by things we, as human beings, have little or no control over.Disasters happen every day, all around the world. We just hear about the more fantastical ones the media focuses on.’Every day someone, somewhere, is involved in a life-altering disaster. It doesn’t have to be a 300-foot wave crashing into a skyscr*per.’

Mr McGhee uses various photography manipulation techniques to create his dramatic scenes.

He added:

 ‘The reaction is great. I get lots of complimentary emails, and I really appreciate those.My work reflects human error in some cases, and just the bad luck and sheer terror of the human experience in others.

‘Some people like it. Some not so much.My work is in no way intended to glorify or condone acts of terrorism or celebrate the loss of millions of souls who have perished in past events.

‘Rather it is a commentary on the frailty of human existence and made to honor the loved ones left behind to deal with their unbearable loss.’

Culled from Mailonline

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  1. Anonymous says

    Bible said this world will be destroyed with fire. nt with water anymore.

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