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Checkout Before/After Photos of People Who Stopped Drinking Alcohol (Photos)



Thinking of cutting down on alcohol? Then, these photos might just give you the motivation you need.

Before and after pictures of former drinkers who have giving up alcohol for a different periods of times show how going sober can transform your life – and looks.
But, as these photos – which were posted on Reddit – show, the damage can be reversed.

One of the former drinkers pictured, known only as Dr Dan, saw an enormous change after giving up alcohol for just six months.


He posted said about the picture above

 “In the first photograph, I found myself alone, nearly 300lbs, in an extraordinary amount of credit card debt and without a job, and, thankfully, at the tail end of a six-year-long bender of drinking a fifth every day while often contemplating suicide, supporting my fellow alcoholic and abusive partner with just my below-poverty-line income, and fighting to complete my PhD. Here I am last month, down to 180lbs, almost done with my first year sober, zero debt, engaged in a great career, and having found myself a caring, loving, non-drinking partner who I am very excited about. Heck, I’m even closing on a little cabin in the woods this month. I’m going to be a landowner.”

He inspired other former drinkers to share pictures showing how going sober has transformed their lives too:

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