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Complete Guide On First Bank Mobile Money Transfer Code

first bank mobile money transfer code

First Bank of Nigeria, the oldest bank in the country, introduced its mobile banking platform in September 2012. And with the mobile banking came the First Bank mobile money transfer code, recognized nationwide with the USSD digits *894#.

At the launch of the service, also known as FirstMonie, 5 years ago, all First Bank account numbers were promised a quick and faster way to conduct business. What could be quicker than carrying out basic banking transactions from your mobile phone?

This was good news to the over 10 million active bank accounts. And the bank which has the widest network of branches in the country (over 750 and still counting), made sure FirstMonie could work even on cheap feature phones.

So one doesn’t have to own a smartphone to access the service. This was a deliberate plan targeted at millions of customers like market women and country folks.

FirstMonie services

When FirstMonie was launched, the hope was that more and more people would have access to the bank’s financial services.

Without a doubt, the introduction of the *894# First Bank mobile money transfer code has made FirstMonie even more acceptable to customers nationwide.

The First Bank mobile money transfer code is designed to provide the following services to all holders of First Bank account numbers.

With FirstMonie, you would be able to:

  • Transfer money to any bank account in Nigeria
  • Recharge your phone with airtime
  • Transfer airline to other phones
  • Check your First Bank account balance
  • Register a new account
  • Create or reset your PIN
  • Generate a mini bank statement of the last five transactions.

In other words, the First Bank mobile money transfer code has taken care of all the basic, common services provided by banks.

Getting Started

Before you can start enjoying First Bank’s mobile money services, you have to fulfill these two basic criteria:

  • First, you need to have an account with the bank
  • Secondly, the phone number to be used must be the number you used when you opened the account

So if you don’t have an account with the bank, you want to rush to your nearest branch to get one.

How to register for First Bank mobile banking

There are two categories involved in the FirstMonie registration. These are:

  • For those who have an ATM card
  • Those who do not have an ATM card

Registration for ATM card holders

Follow these simple steps carefully;

  • Dial *894*0# and follow the easy prompt on the phone’s screen.


  • The ATM (debit) card numbers linked to your account (s) would appear


  • Select the debit card you wish to register for mobile banking. Note that if you have more than one debit card, you can register each of them for the service if you wish.


  • Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) linked to the debit card


  • You would be prompted to create a new 5-digit PIN. This would be the PIN to use for all mobile banking transactions.

Congrats! Your phone number is now active. It is now enabled to use the 894 First Bank transfer code.

Registration for those without ATM

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As usual, just follow the prompt on the screen:

  • Dial *894#


  • Input your 10-digit First Bank account number in the space provided


  • Then input your new 5-digit PIN

Finished! Your account number and phone number are now registered for mobile banking.

How to use First Bank Mobile Money transfer code

1. Transfer funds to any another bank account

  • Dial *894*Amount *Account number# and press send. For example, dial *894*20000*4563217890# and hit the send (call) B.utton


  • Select the bank you are transferring to from the list of banks displayed.


  • Confirm the name of the beneficiary, and amount to be transferred. Enter your mobile banking 5-digit PIN.


  • If you registered more than one account with your phone number, the accounts would be displayed. Select the account you wish to transfer the funds from.

Finished! Your request would now be processed after which you would get an instant notification.

For a single transaction, there is a limit of N100,000. However, the maximum daily transaction is N1 million.

2.Recharge your phone with airtime

  • Dial *894*Amount# press send and follow the on-screen prompt. For instance, if you wish to recharge 1500, just dial *894*1500#, then press the call B.utton on the phone


  • Your accounts registered for mobile banking would he displayed (if you registered more than one)


  • Select the account you wish to use for the airtime recharge

Finished! A notification would be sent to your phone.

The daily limit for airtime recharge is N10, 000; any transaction above N3,000 would require your 5-digit pin.

3. Buy airtime for a different number

  • Dial *894*Amount* Phone number# then press send. For example, if you wish to recharge 080xxxx0123, with N2000 worth of airtime, just dial *894*2000*080xxxx0123# and press the call B.utton.


  • Enter your 5-digit PIN in the box provided


  • Select the account you wish to send the airtime from (in case you registered more than one account)

Finished! The transaction would he processed and a notification sent to your phone.

4. How to check your account balance

  • Simply dial *894*00# and press the call B.utton. You would get an SMS notification showing your account balance or balances if you have more than one account registered for the service.

5. How to get a mini statement

Simply dial *894* Account Number# and press the call B.utton. You would receive a summary of the last 5 transactions through an SMS.

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