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He’s Cheat!ng On You If He Gives These Excuses

No one likes to think about the fact that their partner is Cheat!ng on them even if the signs clearly say they are. One of the biggest telltale signs are hen he gives you excuses but rarely offers any more of an explanation.

Here are a few excuses he might give you as a way to throw you off his trail while he enjoys the company of other women.

1. “I have family over this weekend”

You’ve clearly pined away the entire week at work with the only thing keeping you going is the fact that you’ll be going over to his house for the weekend. But at the last minute he gives you this excuse and you’re left to rethink your weekend plans. But does he really have family coming over or is having another woman over? Definitely worth considering.

2. “I’m going on a work trip”

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If there is anything that Nollywood movies have taught us is that this line is the final ingredient that completes the recipe for a disaster. This isn’t to say that if he is going on a work trip that he is Cheat!ng but if he acts suspiciously vague about where he plans to go or the aim of the work trip then it’s definitely grounds for suspicions.

3. “I couldn’t pick you call because I was busy”

It might not seem like that much of a deal but if it becomes more frequent and followed up with fewer explanations then it’s times to get your detective hat out. Or ask him outrightly. This of course doesn’t apply during work hours but more to times like 8PM when he’s let you know he’s on his way home but suddenly goes incommunicado.

4. “I’m working late”

It’s probably the oldest excuse in the book. While it everyone seems to be overworked, if your boyfriend or husband uses the work excuse more frequently, without telling you about the project or assignment they are working on, it could be an indicator that they are up to no good

5. “You’re being paranoid!”

This will most likely come when you confront him with his recent behaviour that has made you suspicious. He’ll say this in the heat in the moment to make it seem that you’re making a bigger deal of things than they actually are. Don’t be fooled, this is just an excuse to make you feel like you’re wrong and give him more time to do a better job of hiding it away from you.

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