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How To Welcome Back Your Lost Etisalat Line by DON_PHEZTURZ (Do it YourSelf)

How To Welcome Back Your Lost Etisalat Line, Do it YourSelf

am so sorry if av offended many of u here due to all ma tweaks, i promise to make it up to u ryt from naw, am so sorry pls….


so am gonna b giving u d tutorial on wat u can do @ 5k for free on gurusloaded naw, Whether you call it, Welcome Back or SIM retrieval, both mean the same thing.

The truth of the mather is that you can actually do it by yourself.

You don’t need to pay anybody to help you do your welcome back SIM.

In many parts of Nigeria,Welcome Back SIMis now been seen as a business, and people who major most in this business are the people who do SIM Registration on the road.

They normally charge as from N1000 and above to help you do it.

If you want to do it by yourself, it will only cost you N200 which is the price of the new SIM.

To welcome back your lost or damaged Etisalat number,you need to first of all get a new Etisalat number that starts with either 0809, 0817 or 0818.

This new Etisalat number must not have been inserted into a handset before.

Once you have bought the New Etisalat line, then head over to Etisalat official website by

clicking here and you will be asked to fill the Welcome Back Form.

Some of the questions on the forms that you need to answer are as follows:

1. Phone number of the line you want to welcome back

2. PUK number on old SIM pack

3. How much credit did you load when you last recharged?

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4. The date of birthday provided during SIM registration

5. What 3 GSM numbers do you frequently dial?

6. Residential address provided during sim registration

7. State of origin provided during sim registration

8. Local Government Area of origin provided during sim registration

9. Mother’s maiden name if it was not provided during sim registration

10. Number of the new line that you bought for this SIM SWAP

11. The serial number of the new line that you bought for this SIM SWAP.

Once you have answered all the questions, click onSubmit button.

You will get the following message,

‘Dear Customer,
Your SIM swap request is currently being processed. We will contact you in the next 24 hours’

Thank you.

Then wait up to 24 hours and insert the new SIM in your phone.

You will find out that your old Line has been retrieved.

Thanks for reading.



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  1. sheryph says

    is it working truely

  2. DarlingSanchez says

    What of mtn?

  3. Abdul Omo Alhaja says

    Pls hw did u activte u̶̲̥̅̊я̩̥̊ yearly. Bundle

  4. Bashir says

    What is mtn

  5. Neeyostard says

    ..kudos… pls wat of other networks boss

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