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Ladies…Here Are 5 Things You Should Always Have In Your Handbag

Some of us may prefer to have a really light handbag because really, who wants to carry a bag of stuff that we probably won’t need anyway? But even if you do empty it out, you’re left wondering what should be in the bag and what doesn’t deserve to make the final cut.

So we made this list of things that have to be in your bag.

1. Sanitary pads

Your period may have seemed very far off or you might have forgotten to check your calendar on your way out of the house this morning, either way you’re faced with the dilemma that every woman hates. But if you’re prepared with a few sanitary products in your backpack or handbag, it’ll save you from the disaster. It ensures that you can easily dip into a restroom and take the necessary steps to prevent a leak. If you want too be extra careful, you can also put a change of undies in as well!

2. Tissue, lots and lots of tissue

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No one hates it more when they walk into a restroom to find that it’s out of tissue like a woman with a bladder that is about to burst. To help with incidents like this, you should carry a lot of tissue around. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did when you realize that you no longer need to fake whisper in the office as you ask your female colleagues if they happen to have any on them.

3. A small bottle of perfume or deodorant

These are pretty to get access to and are relatively cheap to purchase as well. While many of us used to opt to carrying the larger bottles because there was a significant absence of other options, we certainly have no excuses now. They’re small, light and will do a great job for when you need to stop at a restroom to freshen up before continuing with your day.

4. Baby wipes

These might not seem so obvious but they really are a lifesaver. If you’ve been commuting in a dusty city or you want to clean your make up off without looking like a reformed Dracula, these are awesome. They are pretty handy to have around for small spills on your clothes, dusting your shoes after someone has stepped on them and even after you’ve used the restroom! They have endless solutions to a large variety of things and I think every women should have a small packet in her bag.

5. Painkillers

You’re probably wondering what this is doing on the list but wait a minute, I’l explain it to you. Imagine all the things that could go wrong like having your period start and the cramps arriving, yup you guessed right, painkillers. Or another example, you’ve been staring at your laptop screen the entire day and now you have a raging headache… painkillers to the rescue. Thank me later.

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