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Lightning Strikes 66 Dead In India

At least 66 people were killed by lightning in India in a 24 hour period Tuesday and Wednesday.
Forty-six deaths were in the northern state of Bihar, where 22 more were left injured. Twenty more were killed in the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to VOA news, the disaster management secretary of Bihar, Viyas Ji, said the state will provide $5,900 to the families of those who lost their lives in the storm.
Authorities say the death tolls are likely to rise as reports continue to come in from rural areas.

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  1. Lawrence says

    SANGO at work… wetin dem do?

    1. Ade says


  2. Abu says

    Rip to the deceased

  3. Deji says

    Hmm that’s it

  4. olan says

    Hmm Rip

    1. Lawrence says

      sometimes as a network administrator… i interpret RIP as Routing Information Protocol

      1. Ade says

        We see you

  5. mrsuced says

    hmm God pls save our souls

    1. lad says

      amen oo

  6. Sammie says

    happened only in India..

  7. Mosabic says

    O my god

  8. Niyola jamiat says

    Dey shuld go an appease god of thunder oo

    1. Ade says

      Sang . Lol

  9. blackbones says

    Omg! RIP

  10. Tosin says

    Your god Sango at action

  11. Sharks says

    Sad news Rip to the dead

  12. Pelumi says

    see Sad news ppl dey use play here

    1. lad says

      dem no knw ni

    2. Sharks says

      U expect us to laugh

  13. amazing says


  14. BEN10 says

    so bad for them

  15. Ade says

    Wetin dem do

  16. lad says

    rip o

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