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Microsoft’ Windows Phone 10 to be called just Windows 10

Microsoft’s naming convention for its next generation of mobile OS is a long standing and surprisingly polarizing question. Fans all around have been showing particular interest in the name, turning the issue of the title into a full- blown debate on various message boards, including our own.

The situation was pretty much identical before the official announcement of Windows 10 a few months ago, which also had everybody playing the guessing game. A new interesting clue might just shed some light on the conundrum and it seems to point towards a unified Windows 10 name for both desktop and mobile OS, dropping any additional monikers, like “phone” or “mobile”.

The clue in question is a small bit of text on the Microsoft website, stating that Microsoft Lumia 532 and Microsoft Lumia 532 Dual SIM are “Windows 10 ready”. While this does point to a unified naming scheme across the Microsoft OS lineup, there is a catch.

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Some other products like the Lumia 435, which is almost definitely going to be eligible for the update is not listed as being “ready” for it, but this might be due to an ongoing update process. To further perplex and instill curiosity Microsoft has removed the text in question at the time of writing this article, but luckily we were able to catch a glimpse before it

The shorter “Windows 10” name does fit perfectly with Microsoft’s new “One Windows” strategy. Indeed if most of the software layers, as well as app-ecosystem and distribution mechanism are truly shared between a wide array of devices it is only logical to compliment the fluent cross-hardware user experience with a single all-encompassing name.

While this new information is interesting in terms of piecing the whole puzzle together, still nothing is set in stone and no official statement has been given on the next mobile OS name. And with speculations of Microsoft skipping the Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 update, already debunked it seems that all we can do
now is wait for the Silicon Valley giant to make another move. Luckily that should come tomorrow at its dedicated event.

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