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Most Affordable Glo Data Plan Options for 2018

Would you like to switch your network or subscription plan? What is Glo cheapest data plan in 2018? Many Nigerian citizens are most likely looking for some incredible changes in the spring. Maybe, it is time to change something in your plan as well. Let us look at Globacom mobile operator and see what it offers in 2018.


The Nigerian mobile carrier Glo’s full name is Globacom Limited. The main office is opened in Lagos, but all subscribers and people who are interested in choosing this network as their main communication, can visit the official Glo site and find all the official information about Globacom, its promotions, and support here.

We want to talk about Glo data plan and subscription options offered to all Nigerians, so you will be able to choose the cheapest option for you. This network boasts some of the cheapest data plans, so it is worth checking out the most ‘delicious’ options you can enjoy this spring.

Glo data plans

The popular Nigerian network Globacom offers several Glo data plan options:

  • Flexi plans (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Campus options

What are the most affordable packages you can opt for? Let us say that all plans that cost less than 1500 Naira can be considered fairly cheap. Thus, we will only list Glo packages priced no higher than 1500 Naira in 2018.

Daily Glo plans

  • *127*32# – this is a 1-day option with 10MB of data per 25 Naira (you can enjoy even more – 12.5MB of data instead of 10MB – as a bonus)
  • *127*14# – it’s another 1-day package with 22MB (27.5MB if you get a bonus) of data at 50 Naira
  • *127*51# – this 1-day plan offers you 80-100MB for 100 Naira
  • *127*60# – this is a 1-day package with 1GB of data (available from 12 am until 5 am) that costs 200 Naira
  • *127*56# – this is a 5-day package with 210-262MB of data for 200 Naira
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Weekly Glo plans

  • *127*57# – this is a 2-week package with 800MB (or 1GB if you are eligible for bonus) that costs 500 Naira
  • *127*61# – this is a 1-week plan with 3GB of data that costs 500 Naira

Monthly Glo Plans

  • *127*53# – this is a 30-day package with 1.6-2GB of data for 1,000 Naira

Free access to YouTube videos

All Glo subscribers who pay 500 Naira or more for their data plan can use the free extra bonus – access to YouTube videos at night, from 1:00 am until 5:30 am.

Bonuses are available to all Glo subscribers who choose to update their plan subscription before it expires. Besides, all new Glo clients can enjoy the nice extra data amount for purchases made within the first 3 months from their subscription date.

It is possible to get Glo subscription through quick *777# phone number. It provides an option to choose your data plan.

Campus plans for students

Nigerian students who live in campuses can enjoy more data for less price. All the following cheap data plans are offered by Glo network through ‘Campus Booster Plan’ option via *777# number.

  • 100 Naira plan – you can get 225MB of data on campus (plus 100MB of data off campus) for 2 days
  • 200 Naira option – students can enjoy 450MB of mobile data on campus (and 200MB of data off this territory) for 4 days
  • 500 Naira package – Glo offers 1.12GB of data for on-campus usage (plus 500MB of data for off-campus usage) for 7 days
  • 1000 Naira data plan – Globacom provides 2.25GB of mobile data for using on-campus (and extra 1GB of data for off-campus usage) for 15 days

What Glo data plan would you select in 2018? It does not matter what plan and phone model you have, it is easy to control your mobile data usage through the portal.


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