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Muslim Group Rejects New NYSC Date For Orientation (See Reason)

A Muslim group has rejected the slated camping period of a batch of the National Youth Service Corp which clashes with the Ramadan period.

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The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, have released a statement rejecting the June 13th date fixed for the NYSC Batch A (Stream II) orientation course, arguing that the Muslim graduates expected to participate in the orientation will be fasting as the date clashes with their Ramadan fasting according to Premium Times.
The group argues that it would be very strenuous for Muslims to be fasting and also participate in the challenges task set for them during their orientation camp.

The statement reads in part :

“It is illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional for NYSC to hold camp at a time when its Muslim members will be deprived of their freedom of worship and the liberty to practice their creed without fear.
This planned camp is exclusive, discriminatory and parochial. We do not want to believe that the shift was deliberately planned to coincide with the Ramadan season with a view to excluding prospective Muslim corpers. MURIC is not trying to indulge Muslim youths. Fasting is no joke and it certainly cannot be combined with the physical challenges which characterize the NYSC camp.

Firstly, morning drills in NYSC camps are known to be rigorous and the soldiers in charge will not take excuses. Dehydration sets in later in the day particularly in the hotter regions of Nigeria.

Secondly, adequate sahuur (early morning meal taken approximately between 4 am and 5.15 am) cannot be guaranteed in the NYSC camp. Neither can the futuur (meal taken at sunset to break fast ) be timely as camp schedules are bound to ignore and subsume this very important period.
Thirdly, attending orientation camp and partaking in the energy-sapping activities on empty stomach is an indubitable invitation to health crisis. NYSC may therefore be inviting Muslim corpers to step on landmines in the planned orientation camp if it holds as presently scheduled.
There is more to Ramadan than ordinary fasting. That is on the surface. The whole month of Ramadan is a period of spiritual dedication.
There are so many other spiritual exercises in which Muslims engage, the tafsiir (exegesis of the Qur’an) session, the taraawih (late evening supererogatory prayers) and nawaafil (night supererogatory prayers). Only the deep can call to the deep. All these cannot be possible in the NYSC camp.” the statement read

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  1. koleex says


  2. Niyola jamiat says

    Dats true

  3. Sammie says


  4. Abu says

    Ok now

  5. Deji says

    Wahala o

  6. olan says

    Hmm abi

  7. blackbones says

    Na wa o

  8. amazing says

    This MuRIC Sef their own don dey too much

    1. Pelumi says

      no mind dem

  9. Pelumi says

    its true but dey hav no choice

  10. Sharks says

    Is true sha

  11. Tosin says

    I think Something had to be done immediately

    1. Ade says

      Lai lai

  12. Tosin says

    Truly it will affect their Fasting

  13. osaz says

    So what’s ur point? NYSC should shift date cos you guys are on fast? Lol! After the long anticipated waited for this date to be released. Abeg o!

  14. renewed says

    This muslim get wahala

  15. Lawrence says

    Na dem go talk say western education is bad.. Yet dem stil dey go school. Confuse people.

  16. mrsuced says

    hahahahaha lawrence lwkmd

  17. blackbones says


  18. BEN10 says

    they should do something about it

  19. Ade says

    E no fit happen

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