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See The Africa’s 7 $exiest Daughters of Presidents



7. Zahra Buhari (Nigeria)

President Buhari’s beautiful daughter, Zahra Buhari makes this interesting list. Zahra is the daughter of Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari.


Zahra came into the limelight during her father’s campaign for President during the last Presidential election. Her photos were released to the Nigerian public and it trended for days and several young Nigerians couldn’t help but gush about how hot she looked despite being dressed decently. She is a hot lady despite always beign dressed very modest.




6. Ngina Kenyatta (Kenya)

President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Wanjiru have three kids, Jomo and Jaba and an only daughter, Ngina. She is named after her grandma Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

This pleasant looking “controversial” woman is the little girl of Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of Kenya. She is especially attached to social exercises; much of the time seen at different get-togethers and events. She pulls in surplus consideration any place she is.




5. Ange Kagame (Rwanda)

She is the second kid and just little girl of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda. She is a donor and has been included in reasons that incorporate ladies strengthening, instruction and neediness annihilation, and infection inoculation.

Kagame was conceived September 8, 1993 in Brussels, Belgium. Her dad is Paul Kagame, the 6th and current President of the Republic of Rwanda and the pioneer of Rwanda’s larger part party the Rwandan Patriotic Front. Her mom Jeannette Nyiramongi is the first woman of the Republic of Rwanda and in addition humanitarian included in various magnanimous organizations.As the first little girl of the president, she holds both formal and casual power and impact.

Kagame finished her instruction abroad and was truant from general society eye for a large portion of her adolescence because of security and protection reasons. She goes to Smith College where she majors in Political Science with a minor in African ponders. In school, she has exceeded expectations in scholastics and is referred to her companions as an accommodating and friendly individual. Kagame can talk three dialects, English, Kinyarwanda, and French.




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4. Bona Mugabe (Zimbabwe)

She presently works at Alpha and Omega Dairy in Mazowe, Zimbabwe.

President Robert Mugabe’s only girl, Bona, 24, got married in a luxurious function in March 2014 at the family’s private home in Harare’s extravagant Borrowdale neighborhood. The wedding likewise gave visitors an uncommon look into Mugabe’s multi-million dollar mansion home.




3. Isabella Dos Santos

At 40 Dos Santos is Africa’s richest women under 40, furthermore the continent’s most youthful.

She has rapidly and deliberately collected huge stakes in Angola’s key industries–banking, bond, precious stones and telecom–making her the most powerful specialist in her country. More than half of her benefits are held in traded on an open market Portuguese organizations, including global validity.

At the point when FORBES outed her as a tycoon in January the administration dispersed the news as an issue of national pride, living evidence that this nation of 19 million has arrived.




2. Anastasia Brenda Eyenga Biya (Cameroon)

The daughter of the President of the Republic of Cameroon is also addicted to the famous social network in vogue and is followed by nearly 3000 followers. Indeed, Brenda Biya opened his Instagram account in 2012 and are publicly sharing photos of her student newspaper, for his family life and his reflections and thoughts. It reveals a glimpse into the life of a girl fan of fashion, series, selfies, dogs, close to his family and friends. Besides Brenda loves to babysit and often takes her small niece film. Anyway, finally the privileged life of a young girl of her age.
She expresses it mostly in English, and we learn with surprise that Brenda is a “nappy”. Yes, the young Cameroonian has decided to return to natural hair there a year and proudly posted a picture to show that they had grown well and was delighted with the choice.
It also reveals a hint of romance in the only daughter of the presidential couple speaking with a few pictures of love including one with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Brenda seems pretty cool to be a go since it is paid to #IceBucketChallenge but also a gourmet high given the number of posts on her cute Ladurée macaroons caught up in (offered by Ma’a Chantou) to Oreo cookies with a hook the Fast Food.




1. Malika Bongo Ondimba

Aged 32 years, Malika Bongo Ondimba, has not rested on her laurels and the ease of her father’s family as alleged by many Gabonese, often misinformed about the person. Eldest daughter of the President of the Republic, the young woman turned out to be a “hard worker” according to her family.
In fact, present in the social field in recent years, Malika was quickly imposed on local and international organizations such as the Red Cross, working in humanitarian and relief to those in need as a kind of amba$$ador for the cause of vulnerable populations, including one of the most sensitive and often neglected fringes, toddlers and women.

Indeed, with the creation, there are four years of the a$$ociation femmespour Challenges which it spares no effort, Malika Bongo work in supporting and a$$isting mothers and families in difficulty. Similarly she fights for the recovery of the young Gabonese rather surprised many individuals, in that it is fundamentally different from what the sight of former organizers of the Miss Gabon event.
The beauty pageant that once had come to be known for his antics than for its mission valuation of culture and talent of different candidates, is back under the chair of the new committee organisatin, and a cultural event Artistic whose main objective is to promote the ambition and determination of the young Gabonese.

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