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Top 10 Couple Sleeping Positions and their Interesting Meanings (Photos)

Each married and dating pair probably wants to know everything about their relationship. Have you ever thought about the sleeping positions? They actually can say so much about each partner. Let us focus on the popular couple sleeping positions and what they mean, and you will be surprised at how much information is hidden in the way you sleep at night.

You cannot control your mind at night. Still, while you are asleep you are still speaking with your body language. It is a subconscious conversation, body language experts suggest all couples should pay attention to all the details.

Couples sleeping positions and their meanings

Some people like sleeping on their stomach meaning they are open-hearted and sociable in life; others prefer sleeping on their back meaning they have a strong personality. What if the two different people combine their personalities in the same bed?

Chase sleeping position

If one partner is sleeping on one side of the bed and the other one looks like a ‘chaser’ this position is called ‘chase’ or ‘hunt.’ The first partner is the one who wants to be followed or pursued by his or her second half, or there is a second meaning. He or she simply needs some space and this is the reason for retreating.

Liberty lovers

Partners whose faces look at opposite directions at night and have some space between them are ‘secure in themselves,’ and this is a great thing. Experts believe that couples who prefer sleeping back-to-back have a special connection. They are close to each other and they can be proud of their independent (liberty) relationship.

By the way, nearly 30 percent of people who are in love enjoy sleeping back-to-back.


The couples whose legs hug at night simply cannot get enough and keep enjoying each other at night by tangling their legs. This position means the strong emotional connection between the two people. This is one of the best ‘love’ signs because this sleeping position means the couple functions as a real pair.

Spoon position

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This is also a popular sleeping style as about 20 percent of couples adopt it. When you sleep like a ‘spoon’ you can be sure that your partner trusts you. One partner is always happy to protect the other one, and this is an important thing for any relationship.

Nuzzle position

It always looks so cute when a woman rests her head on her partner’s chest. Isn’t it? This position is called ‘nuzzle’ and it symbolizes safety and friendship. It is a good sleeping style sign for any couple because it shows the highest level of trust.


This position is a rare one. It is mainly witnesses in the beginning of new romantic relationships or after strong emotional day. Not many couples can preserve such emotions throughout their happy life together. The ‘tangled’ style also says that the two partners depend on each too much and this is why they cannot sleep separately.

Loose spoon

The regular ‘spoon’ position quickly turns into ‘loose spoon’ when the couple is together for a long time and wish to get a quality sleep at night. It is a sign of established connection. The partners really trust each other a lot and their night sleeping style shouts out that they can count on each other.

Back kissing

If ‘liberty lovers’ like to sleep back-to-back (close to each but without touching), people who prefer the ‘back kissing’ style at night actually touch each other’s back. They feel comfortable together and they get good rest at night because they are fully relaxed.


Hogging the bed by sleeping like a ‘starfish’ isn’t a good sign for the couple. This means that one of the partners is selfish. Look closer at your partner. Are you being pushed off the bed? Talk to your partner because he or she is dominating not only in the bed but also in your real life.

Untying knot

The couple that is enjoying the ‘untying knot’ in bed has a strong relationship. It is even stronger than the ‘tangled’ one and not more than 10 percent of partners prefer sleeping like this at night. Only strong, independent and self-confident couples choose the ‘knot’ style.

Now you know when your sleeping position says that your partner is not trustworthy, is pissed off, fully in love etc. There are surely exceptions; some people love to have the bed all to themselves and don’t want to share it, others are real sleep kickers. But those couples who are used to a particular position which suddenly changes have to look closer at the meaning.

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