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Top 10 hottest celebrity bikini pictures of 2015 (No.1 is Must See)

Summer is a time to let it ALL hang out! Everyone begins in January with their “New Year’s Resolutions,” setting goals and outlining plans for the year. This is when the primary seed of thought begins, the one universal objective: I need to look great at the beach.
We attempt to mix in work and exercise in a tireless, and hopeless, game of looking better for others. We exhaust diets, exercise and deep meditation in attempts to lead us to this one great moment: summer. Women all around the world gear up for the beaches and pools.
Celebrities, some talented and some just famous for being famous, are no different than normal folk. They also strive to work out and get ready for the catwalk at the beach. The primary difference is many of them have personal chefs and trainers who make sure they are looking sleek and slim. Okay, so it’s not exactly the same routine as normal folk go through.
But the fact of the matter is, with cameras flashing all over the place, celebrities want to, and need to, look good 24/7. This brings us back to the summer months. Sun, the beaches, vacation spots; all the hard work of late 2014 and early 2015 has led to this one amazing moment. We have pushed our diets to the limit. Some have engaged in the forcible expunging of food and while others have done their best colon cleanses to reach this grand moment. Which celebrities will take the crown as the hottest bikini picks of 2015?
10. Taylor Swift – A Little Help From My Friends
Taylor Swift is an international sensation, selling millions and millions of records all around the world. Her songs have topped the charts for years. But the shy songstress has rarely been photoed in anything but conservative attire. In Maui, Hawaii, Taylor Swift kicked off the summer with this rousing shot of her on vacation with a few of her friends. Not only does Taylor look fantastic on the yacht, it is one of the first times she has been shot showing that banging mid-drift. The $exy two-piece caused a stir on both the Internet and our hearts.
9. Selena Gomez – Selener
Selena Gomez has seen round-the-clock paparazzi at her doorstep and her fair share of rumors to boot. The young Disney star-turned-singer had a tremendous coming out party with the hit show,Wizards of Waverly Place, and an album. Then came her high-profile relationship with Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Bieber Fever thrust the young talent into the public eye and placed Selena directly in the spotlight. Now free from the evil Bieber hold, the former Disney star is out and about relishing her freedom.
Here, she is happily dancing around on the beaches of Mexico in her fire hot pink two-piece suit. With glowing confidence and now free of young troubled male pop stars, Selena showed the world her goods while enjoying some fun in the sun.
8. Kim Kardashian – Furring Around
What would a celebrity list be without Kim? Well, it would probably be a more earned list of accolades other than a list about exposing your a$$ets. With a slew of reality television shows and sketchy $ex videos, Kardashian has turned the attention on her body into a real fortune. She helms businesses left and right while still modeling for covers of magazines. Here, Kim Kardashian shows off her post-baby body in a tiny piece of fur. The insanely hot two-piece is barely covering the goods, just as the Kardashian trailblazer intended.
7. Gisele Bundchen – Mrs. Tom Brady
Gisele is a perfectly sculpted machine. Gisele was a Victoria’s Secret Angels model from 2000-2007. Since 2004, she has been the highest-paid model in the world. The supermodel, who has dawned too many magazine covers to count, wore a tiny black bikini showing off her sculpted body and perfect behind.
The wife of American football’s New England Patriots star, Tom Brady, sizzled as she played with her son, Benjamin. The 34-year-old Brazilian Chanel model proves she’s still got it. Who needs Tom Brady’s money when you have Gisele money?
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6. Kylie Jenner – Selfie Queen
Kylie Jenner is another one in the Kardashian clan that is famous for…well…we haven’t figured it all out yet. But the social media budding icon continues to impress with her Kardashian grown goods. She floats photo after photo (after photo) all around the Internet, pushing the worldwide web to its limits. Intent on challenging big sis Kim for the crown of “Most Over-Exposed Non-Talented Celebrity Superstar on the Planet,” Kylie poses for her own camera showing off her goods. She is impressive in this $exy number and as long as the Twitter and Instagram-spheres listen, she will continue to post.
5. Hailey Baldwin – Young and Stunning
Must be nice to be rich, young and famous children of Hollywood celebrities. Hailey Baldwin, daughter to actor Stephen Baldwin (the second best Baldwin), stands out as she makes her way into the pool in stunning fashion. Her best buds Kendall Jenner and the Hadid girls are nearby during the photo. Chalk this up as another beautiful young girl famous for being famous. But she does wear a good bikini.
4. Elle Macpherson – Same Old Tricks
A Sports Illustrated Swimsuit stalwart, Elle Macpherson looks amazing at 51 years of age. Down in the Bahamas, Macpherson is promoting her new co-founded company WelleCo., a wellness and health supplement company. Macpherson may be a half-century old, but that hasn’t stopped her from looking stunning in her two-piece ensemble. If the supplements do this to people’s bodies, my guess is women everywhere will be flocking for Macpherson’s secrets. She continues to defy the ages and God bless her for that!
3. LeAnn Rimes – The Country Girl
Rimes may not be a young budding star in her 20s, but she still knows how to make a bathing suit look good. At 32 years old, Rimes sported this amazing two-piece suit down in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on May 12, 2015. Despite having past personal issues covering extra-marital affairs and legal battles (suing her father and ex-manager in court), the singer/actress has rebounded in recent years. We’re just happy the country music star showed off her amazing line-dancing legs and mid-drift. You go girl!
2. Jessica Alba – Good Luck Alba
Via http://media1.popsugar-a$$
Jessica Alba is hot. There is no way around it. The stunning actress and business mogul never fails to impress even after having children. Alba was kicking it around with her family on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas at the turn of the New Year. Alba sported a Babajaan two-piece during her family’s annual vacation.
Alba may have been celebrating her lifestyle brand, The Honest Company, which exceeded $150 million in revenue in 2014. Not bad considering she makes a few bucks acting on the side also.
1. Ela Rose – Swedish Import
Ela Rose is our number one celebrity bikini spread of 2015. The gorgeous bombshell hung out at a Malibu, California beach to snap a few shots of her amazing body in all its stunning beauty. The Swedish model displays her rather large a$$ets in full glory and proves to be irresistible in a devilish, tiny two-piece bikini. Look out Kate Upton, you have some real competition out there! Congrats, Ela, you have the best bikini pic of 2015!

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