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True Life Story: My Experience Dating a Broke Man

An unnamed Nigerian lady has shared the major demerits of dating a poor man, just like most ladies have shown apathy to struggling men in recent times.

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Read the story of the lady in question:
I just don’t know why broke guys want to have a girlfriend too, and before you start complaining let me quickly tell you I’m actually dating one.
Guys jump into conclusion that girls don’t want to date a broke guy simply because he has nothing to offer financially, but this is not true in all cases, a girl that loves you sees you in her future like her husband. She wants the best for you because she sees you in her future.
A girl can date a broke guy but no girl will intentionally marry a broke man. I love my broke boyfriend because firstly I’m not dating him for financial reasons, and secondly because I see a bright future in him. But one thing remains: I can’t marry him if he continues being broke.

I have stopped condemning girls that don’t settle for less. There are so many disadvantages of dating a broke guy namely:

(1) Talk about a boring relationship:
when your female friends are going places with their rich boyfriend, you are just there lying on his bed staring at each other’s faces in his heated room.

(2) Your friends will not respect him:
By the time your female friends get to know about his brokeness the respect will just not be there anymore. Girls love each other and they want the best for each other.

(3) He will always disgrace you:
Yes! This is most annoying. A little amount of money will cause fight between you two. Imagine: asking your broke boyfriend to at least present himself in a wealthy way to impress your female friends, by buying provision or something for them, will make him tear you apart.

(4) He demands too much respect:
This is funny, even rich guys that can afford to buy expensive things for their woman don’t demand as much respect as he does. I guess this is done so you won’t disregard him.

(5) He will naturally look stingy to you:
Imagine asking your broke boyfriend to help you with N500 when he himself already has a plan for the only N1, 000 left with him. This is ridiculous because by the time he decides to impress you with N2, 000 you won’t just be feeling him anymore.

This is just a few of what I can remember now. Guys should note that their being financially okay brings a kind of happiness to their girlfriends/ fiancees not only because of what they will enjoy from you, but because they see their dream being fulfilled through you: you live in the best house, drive the best car and all; tell me if your partner won’t be proud to show you off.

I love my baby very much but as little as N100 can cause a misunderstanding between us. God knows the kind of joy that will fill my heart the day he will be financially okay.
“It takes a real woman to date a broke guy and help him fulfill his dream.”

All this is written from the sadness of my heart. I guess some guys don’t understand me, I am only asking the guys to be rich for their own good, not because of a leech girlfriend/fiancee. Nigerian men are quick to insult any girl that comes here to talk about money in a relationship. I am not after my boyfriend’s money or anything, his happiness is mine also and I know he will be happy by the time he is financially okay to cater for all his own needs and beyond.

If you become financially successful it is your name that will be known not your wife’s name talk less of a girlfriend. That is why I use Dangote and Adenuga as examples: how often do you guys hear of Mrs Dangote or Mrs Adenuga? Is it as often as both men? NO! And in case the woman is as successful as the likes of Omotola Jalade

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  1. Tobitrueman says

    Hmm, true talk, but so disheartening for the pauper.

  2. Tobitrueman says

    This is one of the major reason man involved themselves in unwholesome activities as far as money comes out of it so as to cater for these outlined issues.

  3. koleex says


  4. Bamstayuus says

    It’s only in dz country dat d rich go for d rich while the poor look around for poor people like them,been poor is not a sin but in Nigeria pple cause d poor to castigate themselves Nd before you know it the only thing dy av left is to kidnap d rich so dat dey can b rich,dy rob d rich to get der cash,dey do rituals just to make sure they r up to standard just like d rich ones………..y aren’t d rich friend d poor,y is it dat father of a rich girl ll neva support her to marry a broke guy,Nigeria is not like Korea that the family of d rich Gurl provide for d poor guy just bcoz of d love der daughter have for the guy,Nigeria is not like US dat d dad of d rich allow der daughter to sleep wit d poor guy in his house….our believe in dz country is just unfare,unjust Nd ……….infact if care is not taken poor r expected to die poor in dz country unless for d determined ones

  5. adeniyi says

    It’s true sha

  6. Bamstayuus says

    Girls listen to dz Nd listen good,no determined fellow izz dey just need time,for every hardwork der z a pay…….

  7. adeniyi says

    Too bad for broke nigga

  8. adeniyi says

    No money no gurl

  9. amazing says

    If you are not financially buoyant just stay away from relationships. Its cool to be single

  10. Terence says

    You’re riqht tho! Buh am ready to date broke lady

  11. Terence says

    Talk bout that.

  12. Terence says

    After fixing my Brokeness, i’ll tell her to fix her virginity also.

  13. Terence says


  14. joshua says

    Broke lady is cool to date

  15. sopulu says

    been rich is good but u cant kill urself to be rich as well just strugling and hustle

  16. adeniyi says

    Broke ass nigga it’s better not to date

  17. La munch says

    Bae y nt make dat broke dude rich and he becoms d man of ur dreams

  18. quadrianho says

    True talk

  19. quadrianho says

    Ok na

  20. Tobitrueman says

    @Terence, you got me rolling on the ground for this your words, ‘ after fixing my brokenness, I’ll tell her also to fix her virg*nity, hahaga

  21. Tobitrueman says

    Some people are heart ness sha at their sho of disdain for a struggling hustling man

  22. labi says

    Bad one

  23. mayor says

    Not all are true

  24. mayor says

    Nigeria economy caused it all

  25. Teejay says


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