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Very Hot: Mtn Free Browsing With N0.00 On Android And Pc [Download with Speed], an online portal, is helping to bring free mobile internet to Nigerians via the MTN network and the Opera software application. MTN users will be able to activate their free day of internet through Opera Mini on the MTN network. Which means you have access to browse for free with N0.00. No subscription or tweak required. What you need is to follow steps below accordingly and you are good to enjoying free Mtn browsing on your Smartphones or PC.

mtn Logo

To Activate Your Free Browsing
1. Visit to download the latest Opera Mini web browser or get it from Play Store Here

  1. With your Opera Mini visit http://webpa$$

Then you can start enjoying your free browsing.

To Make it Power all Apps
That one will involve tweak

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  1. Download SimpleServer Android version here
  2. Create a new APN settings on your phone as follows.
    » Proxy:
    » Port: 8080
    » APN:
    » Save And Activate it as your default settings

Configure Your SimpleServer as Follow:
» Pproxy host:
» Proxy Port: 8080
» Injection Method: get
» Injection querry/url:
» Injection Host:
» Injection line: press your enter key 4times
» Log level: debug4.
Close the settings and click the connect button.
Use Auto proxy to power all apps

How To Use it on PC Via SimpleServer
1. Download SS PC version here
2. Extract the zip file to a new folder on your desktop background.
3. Open SimpleServer.ini and set it as follow;

LHOST = ‘’
PHOST = ‘’
KEEP = ”
PPORT = 8080
LPORT = 8080
VALHDR0 = ‘’
CUSHDR0 = ‘Proxy’
SBUFF = 1024

  1. Save the file and RUN SimpleServer.exe

Caution: It is advisable to use it with N0.00, otherwise MTN may wipe your credit balance.

Enjoy it while it last.

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  1. iBash says

    Testing testing

  2. Anonymous says

    can u download with it

  3. john says

    can u download with it?

  4. gbengzy says

    boiz don dey flex dis thin since Monday

  5. tayo says

    Your comment…ok let try it

  6. lord genesh says

    bt na only on operamini i fit browse

  7. secxy04 says

    Your comment…u just dey update now…. smtin wey I don use tire

  8. kay says

    Your comment…can’t download with it

  9. Anonymous says

    Your comment…u can’t download with d stuff,nice try though

  10. Anonymous says

    Na wahoo dis tweak is working like mad…… Thanks guys keep it up…. But can I download on it????

  11. sammy says

    working. perfectly but not downloading

  12. lmd says

    ….na invalid URL d opera mini dey talk wen I try load d http://webpa$$

  13. rasky says

    working fine

  14. future says


  15. java says

    see speed………………

  16. lord says

    I av been flexing it since yesterday via opera bt de problem is dat is nt downloading…and dat baffles me so much

  17. princepaul says

    Your comment…only for opera mini,is nt downloading

  18. Anonymous says

    it working but the don’t open facebook

  19. foxy says

    wat are we go to put in dis injection line

  20. Anonymous says

    working wella 10kx

  21. petsongo says

    Wat is d auto proxy setting??? Tell us sharply

  22. petsongo says


  23. nice says

    Have been using this cheat since last week

  24. Anonymous says

    ..working but not powering just opera and can’t download

  25. Name says

    I hope it will work for me oo

  26. badoo says

    Your comment…i neva see Cheat like this for my life… Mehn am happy.. See speed.

  27. don lynxx says

    simple trick…open ur opera den visit……..den open anoda tab nd brows 4 free.

  28. Anonymous says

    even glo they…it open Fb …whatsapp and the opera you will keep on reloading it

  29. j b says

    Your comment…work badly

  30. Henrysilver says

    bt since its Simple server it shuld power or it not

  31. Anonymous says

    Tanx man. Been using it with opera alone but now am download in with it.. .

  32. Anonymous says

    First time I can say something is working.. Thanks guys. If u wanna download use u Web on Android. It’s awesome. I’m using it.

  33. pato says

    working perfectly fine but can’t download even pics!!

  34. desolad2000 says

    its working wella..v downloaded films with it,open fcbk,etccc

  35. kayce says

    its working

  36. jay bee says

    Your comment…is work 4 me but not download

  37. kulu says

    powered wit simple server i ve downloaded 5gig 2day

  38. IBRA says

    😃😃😃 testing

  39. wapping says

    working wella…only on opera mini

  40. Anonymous says

    Workin wella

  41. vic says

    blazing… awesome bro…

  42. neyo says

    It is work but only faebook is not work.

  43. lekan says

    Your comment…its working on operamini only and u cant use it to download

  44. Pato07 says

    Download lyk madt via pc

  45. codedhimself says

    I have be using it since about 3days ago, but is nt opening my fb account and nt downloading

  46. Anonymous says

    work for d opera only

  47. codedhimself says

    I have be using it since about 3days ago, but is nt opening my fb account and nt downloading
    it will last upto 1million days that is about 2739.726 years if u divide 1million by 365 u will see it.
    it is ulimited for life

  48. Anonymous says

    guy after downloading the latest opera then what again

  49. zikky says

    working on my E5 but cant download

  50. tboy says

    working but not downloading

  51. lewispresto says

    I have been used this tweak since A week ago , So please
    I don ‘t want to hear dat is not working . Just follow the
    procedure and browse free Create new settings with this
    ip – 127 .0.0 .1 port – 8080 Apn – web.mtnnigeria .net
    username -web p* ssword – web , save the settings as
    your default settings and launch your opera. .. or if you
    don ‘t have download it @ m. Note : Android
    Device can enjoy this tweak ,Just follow the procedure
    and open your opera. .. Tested And Confirmed

  52. desolad2000 says

    Your comment…it’s working perfectly well… Opening all site and download wateva

  53. desolad2000 says

    Your comment…working well and its downloading anything u want to download… V downloaded films….. I mean films

  54. desolad2000 says

    working well even till nw.opens facebook even bigger site.i v downloaded films,i means films………thanks guys

  55. Anonymous says

    It has stopped…

  56. Cyberwalker says

    Working fine and fast. And am updating all my apps.

  57. Cyberwalker says

    Working fine and fast. And am updating all my apps now.

  58. kizo says

    @desolad2000 ao did u do it? cant download wit mine

  59. styles says

    its not downloading &not workin in facebook

  60. kizo says

    @desolad2000 ao did u do it; mine is not downloadin

  61. Uc says

    Did nt work for me on laptop any help ?

  62. mmg says

    It has stopped working

  63. Anonymous says

    Not also working on my laptop pls help we us ooooooo

  64. dondhammie says

    not going again since mornin, help pls

  65. anonymous2 says

    is stil working perfectly! And also downloading swiftly

  66. young bros says

    still blazing and downloading like mad tnx

  67. elvis says

    Your comment…pls my android opera is not working oooo and I can’t download. y??

  68. izzy says

    if ix not downloading den u dint configure ur simply serve well… I ave bin browsering without downloading wit d latest opera mini for abt 3weeks now Bt now dat I applied simply serve its downloading

  69. ifeanyi says

    Worked yeaterday night but Not working for me since morning, just tried it now again still not working.

  70. bayonet dah spirit says

    ..its still blasting like madt…wow see speed…am downloading anything downloadable since morning just power it with simple server and auto proxy but note: auto proxy need root permission before it works. to set the auto proxy just input in d host proxy and 8080 in the proxy port that’s all den u are good to go. if u need any help on it just Whatsapp me on 08062642996.

  71. desolad2000 says

    Still working till nw.. @kizle,@Styles…u can whatsapp me for details, mind u for free… 08085853176

  72. vitus Vintez says

    Working but not opening #fb

  73. raschild says

    pls I can’t download simple server

  74. Mathew says

    pls most we download dis particular opera??

  75. izzy says

    any pesin wey talk say dis stuff no dy work,ntin go Eva work for am

  76. lord says

    Waow e really wok 4 me ooo…av been downloadin wit it sha…bt my simple server always disconnect by it self,nd 1x e do it,de auto proxy will definitely stp by it self..any help please?????

  77. lord says

    Waow e really wok 4 me ooo…av been downloadin wit it sha…bt my simple server always disconnect by it self,nd 1x e do it,de auto proxy will definitely stp by it self..any help please??????

  78. OLUWAYNE says

    working perfect but can’t download

  79. har Q says

    workimg perfectly on pc

  80. Anonymous says

    Your comment…working prefectly

  81. q10 says

    how did u do urs @ har Q

  82. blackboytinz says

    It fast like jet

  83. john ty says

    Your comment…wokin without anytin

  84. o.c says

    Were can i download films plzzzz

  85. osasere says

    Your comment…it’s working,,, I can bro

    wse on my opera mini,,,,, but downloading is not enabled….. on a second note, dat of d PC isn’t working

  86. elhaneef says

    where can i see the auto proxy

  87. obodeo says

    Your comment… nice one baba I grreyt una

  88. xplain says

    it’s Downloadng with ucweb and chrome

  89. Anonymous says

    I can’t download y??

  90. Anonymous says

    this is my number 08133435649 pls help me mine is not downloading

  91. takon says

    it still de work? cos my own don de fork up o

  92. paahpeehnaah says

    working like mad

  93. zikky says

    i can now download wit it @ a high speed tanx!

  94. ViDo says

    kinda not working

  95. Mr danoche says

    It works perfectly

  96. Anonymous says

    Your comment…nt working with my Facebook

  97. Anonymous says

    Your comment…nt perfectly working for me

  98. b says

    Your comment…why it don’t download help

  99. mboii says

    Ko download nauu

  100. layink says

    pls wt cn I do to my playstore, its nt opening @all nt to tlk f updating app

  101. layink says

    my goggle playstore isn’t opening @all, writing “retry”…I’m unable to updat my apps

  102. Anonymous says

    Dis tin dy wrk,,, buh e no dy download

  103. ayomide says

    dis thing no dey work wit simple server jooo

  104. Anonymous says

    Your comment…I tried it on m y laptop and its not working…..

  105. jamesbaron32 says

    its working perfectly am using it to download some files now and its very fast for downloading

  106. MANWAYSABI says

    i havbin enjoyin dis free browzin since d day it was posted. both on ma smartphone n Pc. notin has bin ma problem if not 4 d network coverag here dats nt dat favorable. but yet…ma downloadin is stil @highspeed. THANK GL…I ZOOM u DEALEH!!!!

  107. Anonymous says

    Your comment…it can’t download I av used it for more than a week

  108. Emilet says

    blazing like thunder best post ever

  109. Anonymous says

    Your comment…e no dey download nauu

  110. Bash says

    I cant use it to download oo but browsing like mad

  111. ridwan says

    Your comment…it no go again dis morning jawe

  112. ridwan says

    Your comment…it no go again early this morning

  113. Anonymous says

    Your comment…working lyk hell

  114. xlim says

    no work dis morning

  115. Anonymous says

    d thing don stop dis morning oooo

  116. Anonymous says

    Your comment…no working on facebook and Twitter some body help me

  117. Anonymous says

    Over download they worry me…. 1st tym tweak ever work 4 me on dis site

  118. Habeebullah says

    Its working perfectly buh unable to download.Tanks

  119. Name says

    whats d latest..operamini version..pls

  120. Nizz says

    it’s working but not working with some of my app..pls how can I root my phone tecno m3

  121. Michael says

    Mine has stop ✋ working

  122. Anonymous says

    Your comment…yessssddddsdddss ur site is d best . downloaded tinx till i ran out of space and i also did it fr my 4 frndz. thank u thank u GoD bless. nd its still working up till now ooo. not like does other thieves website.

  123. Anonymous says

    Your comment…yessssddddsdddss ur site is d best . downloaded tinx till i ran out of space and i also did it fr my 4 frndz. thank u thank u GoD bless. nd its still working up till now ooo. not like does other thieves website. all does saying its not downloading its a lie it is downloading like bullet

  124. dauda ali says

    Your comment…yessssddddsdddss ur site is d best . downloaded tinx till i ran out of space and i also did it fr my 4 frndz. thank u thank u GoD bless. nd its still working up till now ooo. not like does other thieves website. all does saying its not downloading its a lie it is downloading like bullet

  125. tony says

    @dauda ali,are u surfing with phone or with PC cox i have been using it on PC but….right now none is working even for the above on PC

  126. saintib says

    working perfectly, downloading & opening most apps. thumbs up!

  127. Anonymous says

    @dauda is it on PC??

  128. jay says

    it works fine in all apps using simple server but it doesn’t open whatsapp

  129. Anonymous says

    someone should pls help us on how it downloads on pc plssss

  130. bubs says

    Stopped working on pc for two days now.

  131. hamsik says

    it stoped working on pc

  132. kirk says

    Your comment…has stopped

  133. kells says

    the tin don stop oo. how do we activate it again pls

  134. Anonymous says

    Your comment…e still dey work. bruvo

  135. Anonymous says

    Your comment…J

  136. Anonymous says

    Your comment…WORKING

  137. Anonymous says

    Your comment…pls Wat is the full setting for PC after configuring the ss

  138. Anonymous says

    can’t watch video

  139. Frosh says

    Your comment…Piece of cake,4doez of u using pc..jez change dat TO

  140. Anonymous says

    nor of the above download or chat…. just for opera mini

  141. dauda says

    no its on phone. and it browsing like mad.

  142. dauda says

    and guess wat if ur own stops dont panic jst change another mtn in ur sim2 change d apn setng nd u ar good to go

  143. horpe says

    jos change ur sim if it stops….still rocking

  144. Ben says

    I’ve downloaded the latest opera mini but when I input the http://webpa$$.opera. com, it says error…invalid URL

  145. frosh says

    Your comment…dat nt hw i got mine….mine works and also dwnload lyk mad

  146. ysg says

    it has stop working

  147. Anonymous says

    I need someone to help me out here please, I used those settings for ss on my pc, it’s not connecting, it keeps timing out….. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  148. biyi says

    my works for sometime on pc and stop working. what can I do. using

  149. gutboi says

    this stuff works like lightening…. its so fast and unlimited…..i configured it for people with testimonies….kip it up

  150. BRYAN says


  151. yemlord says

    Av used 13GB so far on ma data usage

  152. Anonymous says

    @gutboi on pc or phone?

  153. johnson says

    what is the data cap

  154. Anonymous says

    still working

  155. Simple says

    Orientation Course Date Announced for NYSC Batch B 2015

  156. fuvscole says

    Abeg o… Any blackberry free code they?????????????????????? (Y)

  157. biyi says

    some blog members are greed, not helping others ,if yours is working tell us the trick u are using to make it work not to come online and be forming ” hin dey speed like mad. my was going but it stop for over a week now on pc.

  158. smillingemmy says

    How can we power or configure d auto proxy

  159. Jesus baby says

    java nt downloading

  160. Anonymous says

    How do I used auto proxy to powered all apps, I thinks dat the problem am having

  161. fukishow says

    working perfectly and download. only when you use simple server to configure

  162. Anonymous says

    Pls wt is the autoproxy settings pls someone shud reply

  163. sam says

    Its no more wrking

  164. oscar says

    working but can not download any tin

  165. Taiqoon says

    mheeen…….bin rocking it snx 5days ago……
    was able to download to songs…
    bt i cant facebook wit it..#TIMAWOOF…!!

  166. Neri says

    working perfectly, it can open facebook use Google chrome or any other browser, for ur simple server configuration use for both injection and use auto proxy to power other apps it also opens facebook app.for more info WhatsApp me on 08162350121

  167. royroland says

    Rocking like express road

  168. Anonymous says

    nt wrking

  169. SMBK says

    My auto proxy is saying that

    {No Binary Found On Your ROM}
    Pls wats d remedy 4 dis? Thanks….

  170. SMBK says

    Pls my auto proxy is saying that
    { No Binary Found On Your ROM}
    Pls wats d remedy 4 dis?

  171. Lildams says

    Your comment…it work 4 real .u guys tried. more improvements and encouragements brings more zeal. my guys dis tin dey back my Facebook. na only Facebook no go .pls way out

  172. Anonymous says

    Mine is nt going again

  173. kayode says

    I can’t download plz help me

  174. KAY says

    Your comment…UNA TOO MUXH

  175. Ikoklisi says

    If ur own stop jst use another SIM,hv use abt 4 SIM so fat

  176. tourmewa says

    Still blazing.. Nice work

  177. bj says

    how do we set up d autoproxy 2 make it power all apps?

  178. naheem says

    I no dey work

  179. hollamilekan Robert says

    is not working with others application

  180. ifectus says

    blazing like kilode… just follow d procedure, and u will b able to even download wit it.5gig and still downloading

  181. kingzy says

    it workin smoothly but I CNT download wit it

  182. crown9yt says

    i try it on my system ahd my avast detect it as a virus and delete it.

  183. kayode says

    Una too much .I love it

  184. royroland says

    I have been unable to open for some days now

  185. dahrlurx says

    Your comment…the cheat no dey for Facebook book but working for all sites

  186. harantar says

    Your comment… dis tin can’t download plzzz wat can i do to it

  187. Anonymous says

    plz hw can I use it to power other app?? like mobdro

  188. deboor says

    it seems some settings has to be done on the pc before the simple server can work

  189. drBee says

    are you still having problem setting it up, follow this Step by step video setup of simpleserver for PC using mtn with 0.00 naira… Works perfectly on sims used for 7.5gb or 300H and other sims too

    Like and Share

    credits: Dr_bee (gen2bayor)

  190. mrgee says

    perfectly working

  191. dee says

    Perfectly workin and downloading

  192. chase says

    Not working for me ooo

  193. jay says

    can it work 2ru mobile hotspot tethering?

  194. flex says

    It is still blazing oooo.over a month now

  195. tayo says

    mine isn’t connecting

  196. eeabdu says

    Oboi !!! no b lie,hav just downloaded more dan a gb

  197. Anonymous says

    Your comment…Na soo my guy !!! tnx alot

  198. tbaba says

    Can we use it to snd sms

  199. benjima says

    Your comment…pls ao can I start browsing all my internet apps with 2go 3g mb

  200. Anonymous says

    i luv it

  201. olamidipupo says

    Hw can I get blackberry cheet 2 browse on all apps?

  202. olamidipupo says

    Hw can I get blackberry cheet 2 browse on all apps

  203. James jeremiah says

    Am new hw could i do to get it i try but i can make it

  204. platnumz007 says

    Your comment…can it work on blackberry

  205. mr tee says

    the discrimination page was unable to open somebody help

  206. Mr perfect says

    Na wa oh

  207. RAS says


  208. sahab says

    ok welldone

  209. Anonymous says

    Kayode seun adako

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