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V!rg!n whose Pen!s was Ripped Off in Accident Gets 8inch Replacement Made from His Arm (Photos)

A security guard has been fitted with an eight-inch pen*s sculpted from his arm which works when he presses a button connected to his testicles.


Mohammed Abad only has to squeeze his testes when he is looking to inflate his makeshift manhood.
The 43-year-old virgin – who had his pen*s sliced off in a horror road accident when he was six – has undergone 100 operations to re-equip himself with a member.

However, he now finally got a shaft to shout about after surgeons at University College London gave
him a bionic pen*s.

The $exual device contains two tubes which fill up using liquid from his stomach, allowing him to gain an erection. That process is started by the push of a button which is connected to his scrotum, with another switch draining the pen*s after use.
Molding and attaching it took three years, with doctors using a skin graft from Mohammed’s arm to
line its shaft.

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The skin and fat from his forearm was removed to create the new pen*s, which was then attached during an 11-hour operation.
Speaking to The Sun, newly single Mohammed said:

‘When you want a bit of action you press the “on” button. When you are finished you press another button. It takes seconds.

He added: ‘Some ladies might want to try it out.’

Mohammed, from Edinburgh, was pushed into the road as a child, falling under a moving car which dragged him for 600 yards, resulting in serious injuries to his genitals and thighs.
His pen*s was completely destroyed, along with his left testicle. He thinks part of his right testicle was saved, but he can’t see or feel anything.

In 2013 he appeared on Channel 4’s Embarra$$ing Bodies, where he explained that the pen*s he was then fitted with –  around 6-7cm in length – was numb to the touch.
Although he could feel when he’s urinating, he described the whole area as very sensitive.

However, he is now fully equipped with a pen*s that he is happy to touch.
Mohammed added: ‘Doctors have told me to keep practicing.’

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