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Warner: I will reveal an avalanche of evidence against Fifa and Blatter

The former Fifa official has threatened to go public
with information that could land the football governing body and its president in hot water once

Jack Warner says he has pa$$ed on evidence that implicates Fifa and Sepp Blatter in involvement in the Trinidad and Tobago elections in 2010.

The former Fifa vice-president was one of 14 people indicted by the United States Department of Justice last week in a move that preceded Friday’s Fifa elections in Zurich – which later proved futile when re-elected Blatter revealed his decision to quit four days later.

Warner has said he has evidence of “a link between Fifa, its funding and me, the link between Fifa, its funding and the United National Congress and The People’s Partnership Government in general election 2010”, while the 72-year-old also indicated his documents directly implicate Blatter.

“It also deals with my knowledge of international
transactions at Fifa, including its president Mr Sepp
Blatter and, lastly, other matters involving the nation’s current prime minister,” Warner said in an address televised on TV6.

The ex-Fifa official then claimed he has protected Fifa from his allegations for now, but he is ready to turn on his former employer now that he is implicated in corrupt activity.

“I have, in these circumstances, decided that I will no longer keep secrets for them who now seek to actively destroy this country in which I live, who seek to destroy this country’s hard-won international image, this country’s fate,” he continued.

“I have no intention of allowing them to deprive me of my freedom.

“I reasonably and surely fear for my life.

“I have, as promised, compiled a comprehensive and
detailed series of documents, including cheques and
corroborated statements, and placed them in different and respected hands.

“I have, in effect, placed the outcome of those matters beyond even my own reach. Retracting them is now an impossibility. There can be no turning back.

“Not even death will stop the avalanche that is coming. The die is cast. There can be no turning back. Let the chips fall where they fall.”

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